Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Middle Aged Fred

On Saturday night the conversation was about festivals and live music. I felt so old. I've reluctantly been to one festival: an awful GLC one where the highlight was The Three Johns! And my last gig was Air at the Brixton Academy, which was full of idiots talking all the way through as I kept going to the bar in frustration.

I doubt my cynicism is welcome when live music enthusiasts attempt to get me to join them down memory lane. I couldn't feel less at home if classic cars were being discussed. In fact in my twenties I would spend many hours in pubs listening to my friends enjoy themselves in this way.

I'm not good company. My glass is half-empty, ready to be knocked out of my hand by someone punching the air to Pendulum on the jukebox.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    That Vodaphone ad which finishes with that woman lost in music, punching the air, makes me want to smash things up. I dread the vacuous conversations such people have

  2. Do you find it highly unlikely that everyone who says that have been to Glastonbury as *actually been* to Glastonbury (other than for a pub lunch on the way to Stonehenge or somesuch)?

  3. Hey I had a great time at those GLC Three Johns gigs....

    Was it Battersea Park?

  4. I think the time is ripe for a Three Johns revival. And the Redskins, and the Newtown Neurotics. And an all-women afro-jazz band. With someone doing sign language at the side of the stage.

    God, I hadn't realised how much I'd missed a Tory government.

  5. My Great Love left with my Three Johns T shirt. Twenty two years and it still hurts.

  6. I'm writing this from the "Release" Tent at Latitude on my iPhone 4. I was busted by the Radio 4 Pigs for smoking a spliff in the non-smoking poetry tent. Peace and Love.

  7. All an alien world to me, I'm afraid, and I can only observe that there are some beers which leave one's glass half-empty and some which leave it half-full.

  8. ...poor it into a smaller glass and then it will be full again.
    Easy solutions brought to you by Scarlet Blue.

  9. Bob - The air should fight back by withdrawing its availability.

    Mr VVB - But it's not just Glastonbury. There are hundreds of the buggers.

    2ND.FADE - It was Battersea Park. The only other band I remember was the Frank Chickens from about 300 yards.

    Tim - Not forgetting The Thompson Twins when there were 150 in the band.

    Arabella - That's mean. If I ever see him wearing it I'll take it off him.

    Rog - It's all too corporate now.

    Christopher - I remember some awful half-fulls.

    Scarlet - I used to do the opposite.

  10. a h h b l e s s. . .we all feel like this in one shape or form in our life. The up side though is you've been it, seen it, worn it, tasted it, looked like it and probably tripped up on it in life.

    All these youngins probably wont do half as much in their life time unfortunately of the invention of glued to the cyber world. . :(.

  11. I wouldn't want to be young again. In fact I never wanted to be young.