Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jimmy Carr

I'd have more respect for Jimmy Carr if he'd stuck it out. Cameron said it was "morally wrong". The cunt - his government is morally wrong.

It's become a matter of individual responsibility. A naughty celebrity doing something that's legal but frowned upon. Frowned upon by all right-thinking people who "do the right thing". Individual responsibility to be a good person.

And those who don't "do the right thing"? Frowned upon. Naughty boys and girls, the cheek of them! How can they live with themselves? Still, it's their choice, the cheeky monkeys! You've got to admire their gall!

But those who "do the right thing" can live with themselves. If you work hard and pay your taxes you can feel good about yourself. And there may be a little reward in Heaven for you.

Won't that be worth it?

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Punk Britannia

Punk. Changed things, didn't it? Had its roots in pub rock - small venues, small crowds.

Did I ever tell you about the Pistols gig at Manchester Free Trade Hall?

The kids had nothing. There were all these boring old farts making boring old music for boring old people. There was no future.

The kids picked up their guitars. They taught themselves a chord, another chord, another chord. One, two, three.

The kids had something and nothing would be the same again.

The UK was rubble and rubbish. Bleak, boring. Grim, grey. The kids had nothing. They had nothing to lose.

Then the kids had something. They had nothing, then they had something. Three chords. A synthesiser. One finger. One finger to the establishment.

Nothing. Nothing to lose. Something.

No future. A future.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Work Till You Drop?

"But what if you don't want to work at 81? What if you have to to pay the bills?" asked Fiona Foster in this ITV Tonight special.

But they all did want to work. What would they do otherwise? Sit and stare at four walls? Vegetate? Work gives them a purpose. It gets them out of the house. And besides, how will they pay the mortgage?

We are living longer. 65 is the new 30. The elderly have not only a wealth of experience, but an excess of energy. We are not losing our braincells like previous generations. We are fit for the job.

But what about the young? If we're retiring later, how will those leaving school and university get a foot on the career ladder?

No worries. The elderly with all their energy, experience and brain power will create new jobs. They will work for themselves. Dare I say it, they could well be the entrepreneurs of the future.

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Just Imagine...

The papers are over it like a rash. He has been having a torrid, exciting new affair at work, his wife found out and kicked him into touch.

"It is his business," says the company, desperate to keep the scandal behind closed doors. They do not want publicity, oh no.

Then imagine...

A man with influence in a company employs an old friend to work with him. The job is created just for her as there was no such job before.

Just an idea for a story I've got.

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