Sunday, June 10, 2012

Work Till You Drop?

"But what if you don't want to work at 81? What if you have to to pay the bills?" asked Fiona Foster in this ITV Tonight special.

But they all did want to work. What would they do otherwise? Sit and stare at four walls? Vegetate? Work gives them a purpose. It gets them out of the house. And besides, how will they pay the mortgage?

We are living longer. 65 is the new 30. The elderly have not only a wealth of experience, but an excess of energy. We are not losing our braincells like previous generations. We are fit for the job.

But what about the young? If we're retiring later, how will those leaving school and university get a foot on the career ladder?

No worries. The elderly with all their energy, experience and brain power will create new jobs. They will work for themselves. Dare I say it, they could well be the entrepreneurs of the future.

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  1. Old people should set up new social media sites that young people can't cope with. Maybe instead of a password you have to sing an entire Thunderclap Newman album, then do an impression of James Caan getting killed in The Godfather.

    Then the old people can patronise the young people. "Cuh, get with the programme, grandson!"

  2. Then they wouldn't be staring at four walls!