Friday, March 30, 2007

Perchance To Dream

I'm dreaming of fish 'n' chips. I don't like fish 'n' chips. The smell is making me feel sick.

I wake up. Not fully awake so my drug addled mind (um, low dose tranquilisers) is not thinking logically, I've got this great idea for a sketch. It's so funny, in my half awake state, I'm almost laughing in bed at 6 a.m.

Morrissey is back in Manchester. He gets on a bus. At the back sits an old friend.

Old Friend: Morrissey! What brings you round these parts?

Morrissey: I've been promoting my new range of chilled ready meals, mate. Sausage & mash. Meat & potato pie. Fish 'n' chips.

Old Friend: Ooh, I love fish 'n' chips.

Morrissey: Me too, mate. They're me favourites. You'd love my fish 'n' chips. A moist, succulent loin of cod, fancifully fried in a light, golden batter; crisp, chunky chips drizzled with balsamic vinegar; all served with a generous side portion of mushy peas. Pucker, mate. Bloody pucker.

Old Friend: Ain't it hard to get hold of cod nowadays, though?

Morrissey: Murder, mate. Bloody murder.

The alarm goes off and jerks me out of my reverie. The working day starts here and heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Angel Gabriel Came Down To Me

Thank you for your comments on the last post. I'm pleased to report I've now had a good night's sleep and come to my senses.

Murph was right. It normally doesn't take me my whole lunchtime to compose a post. Just that yesterday I had my serious hat on.

From now on, weekdays will be devoted to light, frivolous ten minute posts. The heavy, meaty, serious stuff ("no comments") I shall reserve for weekends.

There, I feel so much calmer now.


I've just received the following email from Amazon:-

Dear Customer,

We've noticed that customers who have expressed interest in music by Yes have also ordered Genesis 1976 - 1982 [Hybrid SACD + DVD] by Genesis. For this reason, you might like to know that Genesis 1976 - 1982 [Hybrid SACD + DVD] will be released on 2 April 2007. You can pre-order your copy for just £88.98 by following the link below.




Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pills For Me Nerves

"What the bloody hell's he doing, posting four posts in two days?"

Just letting you all know I'm going to take it easier from now on, just posting at weekends when I'm more relaxed and have the time.

I know the rest of you blog from Sunday night to Thursday night and I'll have more time to read your blogs if I'm not spending whole bloody lunch hours writing.

So hopefully in the future round here, less will be more.

TV For A Change

I first started this blog to review tv programmes. I would sit watching a recording, stopping and starting it, taking notes. It all became a bit of a chore. Now I try to get to the essence of things (oh, yeah?), leaving the details for when I do my retirement blog in 2041.

Now we're more involved in the reading and commenting merry-go-round of blogging, we rarely get the time to sit down and watch a programme in full on a single night. They're dispersed in half hour chunks over the week, we only catch up properly over a miniature glass of wine or two at the weekends.

Recent viewing has been dominated by the BBC's series of documentaries on the history of slavery and racism. There's an illustration of the hold of a slave ship which crops up again and again. It's a drawing looking from above down on human beings laying chained together, packed like sardines. You can't see the death and the disease. You can't smell the stench. It looks so neat and ordered, when of course it's inhumanity at pretty much its worst, planned by an ordered mind, a cruel bastard of a mind. A mind which sees other human beings as inanimate objects, tools to be used for making money.

The only programme in the series to make me smile so far featured Ms Dynamite (Ms Dynamite tee hee) travelling to Jamaica to discover some more about the Maroons, escaped slaves who fought and beat a British army of vastly superior numbers. The British didn't know the terrain and were slaughtered. (Thinking of drafted young British men being slaughtered is not the bit that made me smile).

The Maroons leader was a woman nicknamed Nanny, a Jamaican Boudica who as legend would have it used to cushion British bullets in her arse and still come back for more. The arse actually belonged to a scarecrow type decoy but the legend's a good one and is more entertaining than Superman.

The original Maroons were warriors but their descendents look as if they couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. This, of course, may be deceptive and maybe they could still give a colonial army a pasting. Then again, no, they're too nice for that.

I have opposing feelings for Ms Dynamite. I can't stand her music but perhaps because she is not the most articulate interviewer they could have chosen, I like her. Then again I like the more articulate Moira Stuart who presented another of the films in this series. So it's not inverse snobbery on my part. Oh no. I just like Ms Dynamite and Moira Stuart.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Has Anybody Ever Seen A Pie In The Sky?

Parenting Skills in The Noughties - Number One

Explaining to a 6 year old girl...

1. Why the 80 year old woman is taking off all her clothes at a grown man's 21st birthday party.

2. Why there is a crowd of people around the woman.

3. Why she leaves her shower cap on.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Between The Covers With JonnyB

Well, we've got the book and I'm happy to be facing one of East Anglia's premier bloggers. Funny how the flat wastelands of the East of England have produced so many decent bloggers. I'm a "fen" (geddit?) of a few of them.

The general feel of the book is smooth and shiny. Considering it was produced in a week it's a fantastic achievement. How do they get these books so smooth and shiny in a week?

But seriously (God, I'm such a wag), it is a fantastic achievement by Mike and the gang who got it all together in a week and I'm chuffed to be a part of it.

Of course I've read my own contribution several times and come up with a whole host of opinions on its merits or otherwise.

"Oh God, it's shit."
"It's not bad, actually."
"That's not my voice at all."
"Actually it's the reporting of a reasonably funny incident, told in a concise, understated way."
"But it still doesn't seem like me."
"And some of those sentences jar."

Is this what proper writers go through? Does Ian McEwan or Jeffrey Archer go over everything they write again and again? Is this what you call "rewriting"? If so I'm happy to keep blogging and just churn my shit out. I couldn't be doing with all that worrying about whether this or that sentence is worthy of being published. If Penguin or Puffin or Ladybird come along and say they want to publish me I'll say they can take what they like from my blogs but they can get stuffed if they think I'm going to sit around analysing and changing things. Whatcha see is whatcha get, Mr Big Publisher!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

To (Some Of) The Girls I've Loved Before

ABBA 1975

Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, such a pair of teasers
Mamma mia, does it show again?
I mean the women, not the geezers


Don't go breaking my heart
I couldn't if I tried
Honey d'ya wanna get breastfed?
Baby I'm not that kind


On a little street in Singapore
No chew-ing gum discarded on the floor
The gals move like sophisticated chicks
Though the blokes look just like a pair of dicks

NENA 1984

99 Decision Street
99 fashionistas meet
To worry, worry, super-scurry
Leather kecks off in a hurry!
This is what we've waited for
This is it boys, this is phwooar!
The sweaty trousers on the line
As 99 red balloons go by


Bang! Bang! Tracy's silver hammer
Came down upon his head.
Bang Bang Tracy's silver hammer
Made sure that he was dead.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who's A Fart Young Smeller?

What They've All Been Saying About My New Green Ski Jacket

That's a lovely coat!
Really trendy!
Really smart!
Really suits you!
Makes you look years younger!

What They're Really Thinking


...was really not a good look, Geoff.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Eyes Are Red, My Nose Is Blue

Well, it's a Relief that's all over, isn't it?

The highlight of last night's extravaganza had to be the Mitchell & Webb snooker song with Chris de Burgh. It really was truly fucking abysmal and Betty was the luckier of the two of us in that she fell asleep after the ten second appearance of Kate Moss on the Little Britain debacle. We didn't sing along to the Proclaimers because although we're both bespectacled we have got a modicum of musical talent in that we can do Amy Winehouse's Rehab in pub singer voices which is a damn sight more entertaining than those 1980s hasbeens with their walking 1,000 miles. If they walked 500 miles away, why didn't they carry on walking 500 miles further into the fucking sea instead of walking 500 miles back to annoy us so? Peter Kay is the most overrated comedian of all time - he just sits there in that wheelchair doing fuck all, he has never ever made me laugh, what in God's name do you all see in him? Shite, shite and more shite all night long.

Don't get me wrong, we weren't actually watching it but watching a docudrama on the independence and division of India, just watching Comic Relief during breaks for urinating and refilling wine glasses. Betty thought Lord Mountbatten was quite dishy (well, actually the actor playing him). Gandhi wasn't played by Sir Ben Kingsley which I found disappointing as now my last image of Sir Ben is not of a blacked-up peacemaker but of a violent psychopathic gangster in Sexy Beast. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Ray Winstone was in charge of India's independence.

Still the funniest things to come out of my blog are the searches people use to get here. Here are the latest:-

1. Kung fu drawstring trousers
2. Does Noel Edmonds drink urine?
3. Grayson Perry posh bastards house
4. Does Prince Charles wipe his own arse?

I don't think he does.

Have a good weekend, y'all. I'm back to work on Monday for the run-up to the dreaded end of year.




I've just woken up from my afternoon nap and that pissing song is still in my head. I don't see why you should be spared from this crap.
Here's the link to the video if you want to see why I'm thinking about emigrating from this freakishly humourless land.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Shaggy Blog Stories

It's out! It can't be bought at Sainsbury's!

For every book sold, £3.63 goes direct to Comic Relief.
To buy, it costs £12.72 including £3.76 postage and packing.
Which may not seem very charitable but it's better than 10p from a £2.00 sandwich at Sainsbury's.
And if it's going to be done, it's the best return you could hope for.
The publishers are making nothing out of the sales but publicity.
The contributors are making nothing out of the sales but a wider audience.
Shit, I'm not selling this very well, am I?

Yes, there are the usual A-list bloggers there but also a lot I haven't heard of before. And as far as I know this is the first anthology of (hopefully funny) bloggers' writing ever assembled in Britain. So I'd probably buy it even if some of the money wasn't going to charity.

What I mean to say is...


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now...

"I bet you get a good variety of background music in this job," I say to the window fitter.

"Yeah. The bloke yesterday, the old bloke who had the dirty house, he asked us if we liked trad."

"Trad jazz?"

"Yeah. He played it really loud. It was blaring out. He played the whole album."

I asked him about the background music because the window fitters were probably earlier having a good laugh at our choice of television programme to watch as they put in the windows upstairs.

We've got a lot of catching up to do so we watched two old documentaries, one on the Chelsea Hotel, the other on the background to the Lou Reed song Walk On The Wild Side.

The first documentary had a very camp man taking tourists round the hotel, singing and namechecking Brendan Behan, Oscar Wilde and William Burroughs amongst others. As he walked past some painters and decorators on the stairs he compared their work to Jackson Pollack.

We saw Burroughs and Andy Warhol at a dinner party, talking about chicken-fried steak, Quentin Crisp talking about his hair products, and Jobriath singing a super song about naked brunch. the documentry also featured a glorious sequence showing Viva's daughter watching her mother give birth to her on video. The birthing screams reverberated round our house and sounded like a long loud orgasm until the baby started to cry.

The Walk On The Wild Side documentary included interviews with several transexuals from Warhol's gang including discussions of "giving head" to sailors.

Unsurprisingly, with all this going on, the window fitters finished fitting the windows in record time. I bet they can't wait to see what we've got in store for them when they do the doors tomorrow.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lovely Days

It's lovely today. It was lovely yesterday. Too lovely for March, maybe.

Yesterday we went for a walk at Trosley Country Park. It's been spruced up since we were last there a few years ago - new toilets, a new cafe. The cafe was busier than the walking trails.

"Come on, let's off-road," I said. And we took the "B" route, all the way down the hill, through several fields, not knowing whether the route was two miles or nine. After about an hour and a half we seemed to be heading back towards the car park. Up, up, up, then across.

"We've reached the woods now," I said. "I'm glad those trees are there because I wouldn't fancy walking on the side of this steep hill with nothing to stop my fall."

We came to a clearing with nothing to stop our fall. Eyes down at the path, not left to the less than gentle slope. Past a braver young couple sitting on the slope with their even braver dog chasing his tail.

I'm such a wuss with heights. My legs turn to jelly, I can't go on, I can't go on, I can't go on.

I went on and we made it. A lovely day with a bit of nervous excitement added.


Today is a lovely day. We go to the dentist's. The receptionist is wearing sexy boots and her cleavage is overspilling. An old man comes out of the torture room and after picking up his cap from under one of the chairs, pays his £50 in cash. There goes his pension for this week.

"Can I use the facilities?" he asks the receptionist.

"Of course you can," she says.

He goes into the toilet and clatters about a bit. I hear running water. He comes out and leaves without another word.

I bury myself in my Sherlock Holmes in case the receptionist thinks I'm looking at her tits. I hear the drill start up.

"Filling for Betty," I think. "That means one for me too."

Our dentist enjoys filling teeth. It's good to see someone taking pleasure in their work.

Me, I take pleasure in my days off.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mallard In Love

I am a mallard in love
And I'd do anything
To get you into my wings
And hold you within
It's a right I defend
Over and over again
Waddle, I do!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yeah but, no but...

Think you can do better than Little Britain?

So do I.

But then I look in my archives and I don't see much humour, just anger and spite.

Still, I've chosen a post for this. Why don't you?

Just don't expect me to watch it on the telly.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Hunt For Middle England

The hunt is a BBC4 90 minute documentary in which stand-up comedian and actor (in the great The Thick of It) Chris Addison searches for the place called Middle England and the people who inhabit it.

The problem is, nobody wants to admit to being a Middle Englander. Chris tries shouting in the street, going on a local radio phone-in show, and advertising in the Daily Mail, all to no avail. Absolutely nobody comes forth.

He tries:-

The Women's Institute
The National Trust
A book club in a Lincolnshire village
The set of Midsomer Murders
A golf club in Guildford

The interviewees admit to a lot of things, seem to have all the supposed characteristics of being Middle English, but never ever call themselves such. At the end, Chris comes to the conclusion that although Middle England is more a state of mind than a specific place or type of person, maybe actual Middle Englanders have emigrated. The programme runs out of time and he never gets to go abroad.

Of course Middle England is not a place. People are not Middle English. The term was made up by the media to make us feel that there are a decent, hard-working, right-thinking silent majority of people out there. When the media reports that politicians want to win over Middle England, they mean only one thing. Politicians want to appeal to the floating voter.

Floating voters decide elections. They have no strong allegiance to Labour or the Conservatives or the Lib Dems. They are disillusioned with the current Government. They are always disillusioned but they have to weigh up whether they want to see a government from a different party.

Floating voters ask themselves:

Will another party be tougher on crime or immigration? Will they be less sleazy or two-faced? Can they be trusted to do the right things, the good things? The Tories were in for too long and got too big for their boots. Now the same's happening to New Labour. It might be time for Cameron. Why not? Give him a chance. Fresh broom and all that. He's got a fresh face just like Blair had ten years ago. Oh dear. Blair had a fresh face but look where that got us with all this crime and immigration. Can Cameron be trusted? Can a fresh face be trusted? What about an old face like Campbell's? No. What am I thinking of, why would I want the Liberals in, they haven't been in power for 100 years. No, it's between Cameron and Brown. Brown? He's an old fashioned socialist! He'll tax us to death! Unless he has a strong Chancellor. What about the NHS? It's terrible the way hospitals are nowadays. Do I trust the Tories with the NHS? Well, they can't do a worse job than Labour, can they? And they will be tougher on crime. And immigration. But what about litter? The streets are a mess! And there's road charging! I'm totally against that! Labour just tax, tax, and tax again. Stealth tax! But I want to reduce my carbon footprint. Oh, it's so confusing. The Greens are nutters. All veggie nutters just like my niece. Did you know she refused to eat her nut roast at Christmas just because my wife poured gravy on it? Well scrape it off, you silly girl! Europe! God, I forgot Europe! How could I forget Europe and their centralising decisions, taking away decisions from us! Decisions, decisions...Blair hasn't done such a bad job. I'm always impressed by him, even with all the crime and the immigration. Oh God, politics! No, I couldn't vote for Brown. No way could I vote for a Scot. Oh my God, I sound racist. Why shouldn't I vote for a Scot? There's nothing wrong with Scots. Cameron's a Scottish name! Cameron, Brown, Campbell! They're all Scots! Right, I'm voting Cameron! Cameron it is then! That's it! Get the Tories back in! Sort this country out! He is very young though, isn't he?

Yeah, let's get Cameron in. Sort this country out.

Middle Englander = Floating Voter = Blairite Tory

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bet You Don't Get This One

Who Is The Celebrity?

The highlight (in fact the only thing worth reading) of the London Lite evening free paper is the celebrity puzzle. You have a few drawings which make up a celebrity's name. The celebrity can be alive or dead.

So you may get a drawing of a man mowing the lawn followed by another drawing of a man mowing the lawn followed by a drawing of a baby sheep. Put them together and you get Mow Mow Lamb.

You may get a drawing of a severed head followed by three drawings of planks of wood. Put them together and you get Head Wood Wood Wood.


I thought I'd give it a go.

OK, people. Can you tell me who is the following famous celebrity? And is he or she alive or dead?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Flights Of Fancy

I'm afraid I upset one of my anonymous commenters with my post on darts players. I had the cheek to suggest that darts players may not be blessed with that skin deep phwooooar factor. According to Anon, there are lots of good looking guys out there on the circuit, including Wes Newton, Adrian Gray, Johnny K and Ray Carver, "just to name a few." Well that's enough for me to be going on with, so, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

Johnny K

and Ray Carver.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there's no denying the je ne sais quoi these guys have. It's the steady eyes that look into yours as if you're the only human being they have ever wanted. Catch one of these guys' eyes over a crowded room and you'll be putty in their hands. They're used to concentrating on small areas from the distance of a couple of yards. Just imagine if they locked in on your dilated pupils. You'd feel ravished before they spoke to you.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gently Does It

Yesterday I made a decision to go on a permanent go-slow, just like those naughty 1970s trade union members. In fact I feel a bit naughty doing it, myself. But I don't feel guilty.

You see, I've been trying to pack too many things into too few hours, scowling through the day. Something's gotta give and it's not going to be me.

So I'm going to do everything at a slower pace from now on, and that includes blogging. I may not write so much. I definitely won't read so much and I'm not going to feel guilty for not keeping up with forty odd blogs. The whole blogging thing was becoming a chore and the laughs were becoming few and far between.

Anyway, must go and check on my Bloglines. Hope there's not too many because I've only got half my lunch hour left.