Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pills For Me Nerves

"What the bloody hell's he doing, posting four posts in two days?"

Just letting you all know I'm going to take it easier from now on, just posting at weekends when I'm more relaxed and have the time.

I know the rest of you blog from Sunday night to Thursday night and I'll have more time to read your blogs if I'm not spending whole bloody lunch hours writing.

So hopefully in the future round here, less will be more.


  1. You didn't spend a whole hour writing this did you Geoff?

  2. But won't you have to go to B&Q and Asda and Primark and the Garden centre and all those things that working people do at the weekend?
    But, perhaps blogging takes your mind off the footie.

    As my mum used to say 'Just please yourself!'

  3. It's YOUR blog - you don't have to be a slave to your audience!

  4. If it means more comments, then I say hooray! If it means less blog posts I say boo!