Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who Is The Celebrity?

The highlight (in fact the only thing worth reading) of the London Lite evening free paper is the celebrity puzzle. You have a few drawings which make up a celebrity's name. The celebrity can be alive or dead.

So you may get a drawing of a man mowing the lawn followed by another drawing of a man mowing the lawn followed by a drawing of a baby sheep. Put them together and you get Mow Mow Lamb.

You may get a drawing of a severed head followed by three drawings of planks of wood. Put them together and you get Head Wood Wood Wood.


I thought I'd give it a go.

OK, people. Can you tell me who is the following famous celebrity? And is he or she alive or dead?


  1. Loofah Pat Twats. No. Is it a media johnny from Londin?

  2. loofah van dross! do i win a prize?

  3. Oh that's clever! I had loofah van cowboy hat...please believe me, I don't like U2, just a bit literal.

  4. Yes very clever. I had Weetabix Van Pope.

  5. I mean Shreddies of course.

  6. I'm too late - Can we have another one?

  7. Well done, Han. No prize I'm afraid as you didn't say whether he was alive or dead. He's very much alive if the Heart FM playlist is anything to go by.

    Died of heart, lives on Heart.

    You can have another one, Kaz. It just may take me some time to think one up.