Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jimmy Carr

I'd have more respect for Jimmy Carr if he'd stuck it out. Cameron said it was "morally wrong". The cunt - his government is morally wrong.

It's become a matter of individual responsibility. A naughty celebrity doing something that's legal but frowned upon. Frowned upon by all right-thinking people who "do the right thing". Individual responsibility to be a good person.

And those who don't "do the right thing"? Frowned upon. Naughty boys and girls, the cheek of them! How can they live with themselves? Still, it's their choice, the cheeky monkeys! You've got to admire their gall!

But those who "do the right thing" can live with themselves. If you work hard and pay your taxes you can feel good about yourself. And there may be a little reward in Heaven for you.

Won't that be worth it?

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  1. I'm wrestling with this one. My gut reaction was: he used perfectly legal means to minimise his tax bill, so what? Who wouldn't do the same?

    But when I hear about the likes of Vodafone doing exactly the same thing it really annoys me. This whole episode has taught me that I'm nothing but a stinking hypocrite.

    (Hello, by the way.)

  2. Oh dear, what's he done now?

    He's one of my fave stand-ups so I'll have to Google.

  3. Hello, LC.

    If you make paying tax optional, people will opt out. There is no point in having a top tax rate of 40% if the rich can get away with paying less. Jimmy Carr could have argued that this was not just about him and brought in Vodafone and Green and the rest. But he decided to go for the easy life with his tail between his legs.

  4. MJ - You'll be shocked!

  5. I think Carr should have said "my mum's neighbour has been on the sick for years, and there's nothing wrong with him. Why should all my taxes go to people like that?".
    He could then claim he donates a percentage of his earnings to worthy causes. All a bit Roger Mellie, aint it?

  6. Lucewoman - Give the rich a choice. Taxes or charity of their choice.