Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where There's A Will

This past week has been about wills. Betty's aunt died last Saturday and as with my dad and Betty's dad, no will is immediately forthcoming. She wanted to be buried in a dress which has mysteriously disappeared. And the man who helped her for most of the past eleven years wants his expenses repaying. This is all happening 170 miles away and really we just want to brush the problems under the carpet. Let's just hope social services aren't too overworked to sort things out.

So today I broached the subject of wills with my mum and stepdad. Yes, their wills are with the solicitor's. But which solicitor's? Good question!

I'm not letting you off lightly with will talk, though. No, I have another film uploaded to YouTube. It can be found here. I'd dim the lights first if I were you.


  1. Tough times. But I guess if Betty's aunt wanted her friend to be acknowledged for all he did she would have either rewarded him in life or in her will. If he doesn't have or isn't mentioned in any written agreement, I doubt he legally has a leg to stand on unless he has receipts to prove his kindness!

    No speakers on this computer but will watch vid later when I get back to my other home.

  2. If either/both of you have to come up to inspect under the carpet and require distraction in the form of dispensed alcohol, you know where I am.

    That's an uncaring cat btw.

  3. Laura - The aunt spoke very little English and could only give vague instructions (presumably an Orthodox Christian funeral and being buried in a certain dress). Her friend will get what he's owed if there's anything left after the funeral. I'm sure the priest will get what he deserves!

    Arabella - Watch out or we may take you up on that offer. That's not a cat, it's a crap dog!

  4. Er... well.. coming here is a lot more entertaining than watching Eastenders.
    I think I do have to dim the lights now.

  5. I'd like to be buried in a dress that mysteriously dissappears. Top that Derren Brown!

  6. I see she's made him shave off that porntache.

  7. Scarlet - They are very creepy actors, aren't they? Even more so than Ian Beale.

    Rog - I hope you'd have some decorum and wear some respectable underwear.

    MJ - I'll bring the porny man back soon. He had to have a rest after his last performance.