Monday, July 18, 2011


As part of an all-out assault on your patience I have decided to produce some podcasts perfectly unsuitable for BBC Radio. I was going to do videos but couldn't bear to look at myself. It's bad enough having to listen to my own voice!

Don't worry, I haven't given up on the memoirs. The next installment will be along soon. Anyway, turn the lights down low, close your eyes and prepare for the sexiest voice on the internet.


  1. They were lucky. When ah were aht lad, we lived in't shoe box aht side ath roahd

  2. I think you better surprise the kids with the news from behind the settee, and the missis too; mind you, she might take it as a heaven-sent opportunity to take 'em down Sarfend by herself.

    Behind the settee you'll be safer, missiles bounce off vinyl. Even the sexy voice won't safe you, they've heard it all before.

  3. I'm shortlisting you for the Broadcast Awards.

  4. Laura - Kids nowadays!

    Friko - They'll love it. You'll see.

    MJ - They could do with some young blood!