Friday, October 21, 2011

On Spitting

It looks like El Hadji Diouf could be on his way to West Ham. And West Ham fans are furious. Because years ago, when he was playing for Liverpool, he spat in the general direction of West Ham fans.

You see, spitting is the worst thing you can do to someone. It makes you less of a human being than, say, a hero like Paolo Di Canio who has described himself as a fascist.

A spit is beyond the pale. Much worse than a good old honest punch.

Well, I don't see people dying from being spat at. Unlike the local man who was punched outside a kebab house last week.

The most recent spitting I've seen is from footage of The World at War which we are currently watching. Russian women who had experienced the horrors of invasion were spitting at captured German soldiers.

Just maybe El Hadji Diouf had provocation. But spitting at someone, no matter what they've said to you, has no place in a civilised society. We are English. We only spit on the pavement or at the urinal. We punch people, we kick people, but we don't spit at them. We are civilised.


  1. We also mug little old ladies.
    Spitting is a definite no no... but dropping used chewing gum on the pavement is fine.

  2. Chewing gum on your shoe is worse than dog's mess.

    And in the days of football terraces it was a good laugh to piss in someone's pocket.

  3. A woman who didn't like what I had to say spit on the floor in front of my shoes once.

    On carpeting.

    I, in turn, made somebody else clean it up.

  4. That sounds like a health & safety incident.

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