Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carol McGiffin Nation

One of the joys of not working is the ability to watch daytime television at the time it is broadcast. Instead of having to record The Jeremy Kyle Show I can now join the other skivers and pensioners simultaneously looking for members of our communities.

Most days I catch some of Loose Women. I've seen some awful condemnation of this show on Twitter. People call it all sorts of names.

But it is the best daytime programme and more watchable than some of the evening programmes feted on Twitter such as Sherlock, Doctor Who, Come Dine With Me, Antiques Roadshow, X-Factor, Masterchef, The Apprentice, Question Time, etc. Actually it is better than anything that has a fucking hashtag in the evening.

Yes, there are the guests such as Cliff Richard, Larry Lamb, Dave Spikey and Sue Pollard, regulars who I have no interest in, but it's when the women get down to current affairs that the show shines.

And no one shines more than Carol McGiffin. She is truly the voice of the nation. She talks a lot of common sense, understanding how ordinary people think, giving them a voice. There is a crescendo of applause every time she gets on her high horse about benefit scroungers and those who do not want to work and those who are on the dole as a lifestyle choice.

They're not interested in statistics, your ordinary people aren't. You tell Carol or an ordinary person that there are six times as many unemployed people as there are job vacancies and that a lot of those vacancies will be filled by the currently employed, or that only one in eight people claiming housing benefit is unemployed, she will look through you as if you were talking a foreign language she never took the time to learn. And, of course, the truth is a foreign language millions of people never bothered to learn but they don't like their opinions to be blighted by the truth because then their opinions wouldn't count and they'd have to shut the fuck up.


  1. I remember when you could come round here and it would be bustling with people and jollity and you could leave your back door open so the neighbours could come and borrow a cup of sugar and there would be pearly kings doing a bloody good knees up and everyone was deliriously happy and that lovely Mr Blair god bless 'im was in charge.
    It's like a windswept Woolworths now Geoff.

  2. All parties are after the votes of the Carol McGiffins.

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  4. Arabella1:48 PM

    There's a vacant couch upstairs at Roy's Rolls. I'm considering applying.

  5. Nobody's ever unemployed for long in Corrie. They just walk in the pub or the corner shop or the factory and there's a vacancy there, waiting for them. I wonder how many viewers think that this is how it's like in the real world?

  6. I wonder how many viewers think that this is how it's like in the real world?


    Everything I know about England I learned from watching Corrie.

  7. I wish I had Tyrone's looks and personality.