Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Voice Of The Nation

According to the Daily Mail here, in the UK "only 4.8 per cent of people count as ‘materially deprived’, similar to levels in Germany which has 4.5 per cent."

This, of course, means that benefits are too generous. We should have far more than 3 million people 'materially deprived' if we were to consider ourselves a fair nation!

Ignoring the fact that the percentages shown for the countries are pretty similar except for maybe poor old Portugal, the Eurostat statistics show the UK to be "a country where large numbers of people do not work – yet can afford to live as if they earn good money."

The good life, then. What is it?

1. The ability to pay housing, utility and repairs bills
2. The ability to keep warm in the winter
3. The ability to get enough protein in your diet
4. The ability to wash your clothes at home
5. The ability to watch a colour TV in your own home

Mobile phones, cars and holidays are out of reach for those who earn good money. Or you could have one of these if you forgo one of the five above.

It disgusts me that the unemployed, the poorly paid and pensioners are able to live in such a lap of luxury with their warm, well-fed bodies, their clean clothes and, worst of all, their television viewing.


  1. Arabella9:26 AM

    Today I will do laundry in the bath. It is indoors though. Truly I am living the good life.

  2. After years of going to laundrettes, I have been known to hug my home washer and dryer.

  3. Arabella - The Tory MP pictured on the site washes his pants by hand. After sniffing them for half an hour.

    MJ - Kate Bush loves hers, too.

  4. Promise you'll put me out of my misery if you discover me singing this during the rinse cycle.

  5. I sing this one.

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    If you want to permit follow-up comment notification on your blog, I’ve done a post about how to do it here.

  7. Thank you. I think I've done it now!

  8. Thanks, Geoff.