Saturday, August 22, 2009

Education, Education...Oh, please yerselves

Good luck to all the students who've just received their A-Level results (even the twats amongst them). I remember the complete and utter sense of joy when I opened my envelope. I leapt in the air with the other girls in my school as we all got straight As and all looked forward to a life of privilege.

I was thinking there must be some people who, even in their 20s, 30s, 40s and higher, are interested in how their old school does each year. They have a sense of pride or disappointment or pride mixed with disappointment or maybe anger that in their day their school's results weren't as good because teachers back then were so fucking hopeless they couldn't even sew their own leather patches on their jacket elbows let alone get the brightest young people of a generation into the best universities.

I was most impressed this year by the poor East London boy who got into Cambridge.

Surprise, surprise, throwing the equivalent of £24,000 a year's worth of education at a poor kid, you end up with a similar result as you do if mummy and daddy pay for their little cherub's future. It seems the experiment worked and we now know we're all the same under the skin.


  1. If you throw £24k at some poor East End kids they'll run off with it. Gor blimey guv and no mistake.

  2. Exactly. Cheeky urchins.

  3. I note that little Georgie Porgie grew up surrounded by knife crime and poverty.
    And now he's surrounded by the crime of our education system and privilege.

    Just don't get me started ... wanders off to remove leather patches from elbows.

  4. Don't let Kaz spend too much time on her elbows...

  5. Kaz - 'Brighton College head Richard Cairns said: "George has demonstrated the sky is the limit for every child in east London."' Oh yeah? So Brighton College will be filled with kids from poor backgrounds in future? Every child in East London has a golden future thanks to the two-tier education system? Has anybody ever talked out of their arse more effectively?

    Rog - Kaz's jacket elbows were worn out by all that 80s dancing at the school discos.

  6. He somehow survived living in an environment of "knife crime and poverty"? The thugs in his 'hood' are so poor that they can't afford to steal guns?

    Personally I believe that by delving into the dark Arts of "further Maths" that this bright lad surrounded himself in anti-matter which was detected by Scientists at Cambridge who want to dissect him at their annual secret ceremony during the Winter Solstice when these nutters get nekked and get wasted and molest goats.

    Poor people can be intelligent? Now that is just pure bullsh*t innit?
    I feel betrayed and bewildered..
    as if the rug has been pulled from under me!!

  7. Have you not heard of the cockney dons, Donn? Oxbridge is teeming with them.

    You gotta pick a pocket or two.