Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm An Edinburgh Man, Myself

What a load of bollocks in today's Guardian about increased ticket sales this year for the Edinburgh Fringe.

"This increase in popularity is also put down to greater numbers of "staycationers" - people having their annual holidays at home, as well as the need to find an escape from the recession through comedy, theatre and the arts."

I think what we have here with these fucking staycationers and the fashionably frugal Cath Kidston frock-botherers is the pampered rich middle class playing at being affected by the recession.

You're spending your "annual holiday" (as if you only have two weeks off a year) "escaping the recession" (as if you don't do that every day you're in paid employment) "through comedy, theatre and the arts" (as if anybody on jobseeker's allowance could afford any of these poncey evenings out).

Why not spend your time off turning off your computer and your Sky tv, shopping for tins at Lidl and getting a book out of the library? Pretend you really are unemployed.


  1. Rock on my son!!!

  2. Library Geoff - No way. They'd only rub shoulders with the likes of you and me.
    They'll have booked their cottage for Hay-on-Wye.

  3. "Frock-botherers". That's so good my zip has stuck.

  4. Kaz - But that would mean going away. A true staycation involves day and evening trips from the comfort of one's own home. There is so much available on one's own doorstep! Theatre, music, comedy, film, gastropubs. All very reasonably priced for these hard times.

    Arabella - The Cath Kidston sewing basket is very reasonably priced. One has to make do and mend in these hard times.

  5. I got angry just looking at the cover of the Edinburgh Festival edition of the grauniad guide Geoffster. Glad I didn't read it now - I'd be probably be up on a murder rap.

    Btw - are any of this comedy lot funny? Or do they just have good agents? (Probably the same one as Emmanuel Eboue. How does he do it? Play for a top flight club without the vaguest clue as to how to pass the ball to a similarly shirted colleague?)

    But I digress.

    Right, I'm off to watch the Rangers game on a dodgy, recession-busting, staycation-enhanced video link from Kazakstan..


  6. Staycation is the worst word ever invented.

  7. Morton - Julien Faubert went on loan to Real Madrid! I really can't believe any of the Edinburgh comedy lot are funny. Then again I class Stewart Lee as social commentary rather than humour so who am I to judge?

    Billy - I presume it came from across the Atlantic. Ironic, really.

  8. This post is too perfect to comment on!

  9. The cheque's in the post!

  10. They're all up here because we apparently have 'more snow than Vancouver'.

    Braying fucking upper middle class English thickos called Nigel. Aye, I'll take your money, but don't expect me to like you.

  11. They're going long haul this year. Staycations were so last year.