Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cameron Crow

The David Cameron smarm offensive on Absolute Radio (previously Virgin Radio for those who give a fuck about U2) included not only a dig at something he quite clearly doesn't understand but also a bit of a grovel to government-maker Rupert Murdoch.

Apparently Cameron "loves" Sky Plus.

Nice one, cuntchops.

Christian O'Connell himself was being a bit of a crawl-arsing bastard (my dad's turn of phrase) and the two chaps got on like a house on fire.

Cameron even had time to appeal to thick female students when he lied that he was a big fan of Paolo Nutini.

As we all know, anybody who likes the deeply cerebral Radiohead's noodlings would hold no truck with sincere Scottish blue-eyed soul, possibly the worst form of music in the history of the world.


  1. Speakin of givin' a feck about U2..

    I read about a blockade that Dublin residents erected to protest after enduring 3 nights of uber-loud U2 concerts.

    The people's blockade magically collapsed after the 51 named residents were informed that they faced being sued for any financial losses incurred by the promoters and U2. Hmmm?

  2. Irish country & western music is worse.

  3. MJ is correct. The pub down the road from me has a line in Irish C&W. It sounds like country music played by the Smash robots.

  4. Is Paolo Nutini a sandwich spread?

  5. "cuntchops"
    Absolutely perfect!

  6. I like Paolo Nutini. Does that make me a bad person?

  7. Donn - If it would have been anybody else the residents would have been fine about it.

    MJ - Maybe, but it doesn't trouble the charts. Except perhaps for Ireland's Irish Country & Western Charts sponsored by Magners.

    Billy - There's an idea to relaunch Smash Hits.

    Scarlet - Yes, a very plain, boring one.

    Kaz - It's what David Milliband calls him.

    Rog - We all have our guilty pleasures. At least he's not as bad as Hue & Cry.

  8. Paolo Nutini? Radiohead?

    Who ARE these people????

    My verfication mot du jour is 'ingro'. I'll leave you to check your own feet.

  9. Radiohead were the 90s Beatles. Honest.

    Nutini is like nothing before.

  10. I'm just so relieved to know that our future Prime Minister isn't hopelessly out of touch with the vagaries of modern social networking and contemporary street argot.

    I mean, what hope would he have of steering us through the recession and rebuilding a Great Britain worthy of the name without those essential pre-requisites of the modern statesman....



  11. Have you seen Obama's Twitter?

    He's mad for it!

  12. "He's mad for it!"

    What, sex?