Monday, July 13, 2009

Suicide Is Painless

I'm sure the verdict on Michael Jackson's death will eventually be "Death By Misadventure".

But for the so-called Peter Pan of Pop, an overdose of painkillers is somewhat less of a misadventure than, say, flying too close to the sun.


  1. first!
    And I was first at Rog's

    That's so exciting that I've forgotten what I was going to say about Peter Pan and Icarus... ?
    I think it was to do with crocodiles.

  2. The sun would have melted his nose.

    All the touts who sold tickets on ebay for thousands have got to refund their customers the purchase price, so something good has come out of it.

  3. The sun would have melted his nose
    Not a lot I can say after that!

  4. Well there is a waxwork of him at Madame Tussaud's so it's possible it could melt.

  5. 'Misadventure' and I was hoping for some grisly murder plot to keep me entertained now that the Express has given up on Diana and Maddy.

  6. Isn't it more a case of the Emperor's new clothes than Peter Pan? I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry when I hear people oohing and aahing over the final footage of Jakson dancing during rehearsals for those never-to-be-performed 50 shows. Even with my knees and bad back, I think I would cut a slightly less arthritic figure than the PP of P. (More like the OAP of pop)

    My goodness, isn't it cathartic heaping scorn and derision on the recently deceased??!! That's almost cheered me up!!!

    Keeeeeeeeep Dancin'!!


    p.s. wrod vercif: funcingh

    I kid you not...

  7. Ziggi - That's not Jackson, it's Echo & The Bunnymen.

    Rog/Scarlet - Michael Jackson's got no nose. How does he smell?

    MJ - Isn't he in the Chamber of Horrors?

    Kaz - The Jackson family think it's murder. It was - a slow-burning murder by his father.

    Morton - He was more stiff than Nick Cave! He tried to moonwalk and his bollocks retracted.