Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm So Excited And I Just Can't Hide It

She was really excited.

"I'm so excited!"

She'd just booked a holiday to Florida. She'll be going with two of her friends though originally there were going to be seven of them but four dropped out with pathetic excuses.

I felt really happy for her as she loudly told her friend on the other end of the phone line how excited she was about the hotel being near the beach, near the clubs where they're bound to meet some people, near lots of watersports which they'll all be trying out even though Kirsty has never done watersports before and she's so excited she's going on holiday with a couple of friends who've done watersports before and get a real thrill from them, near the docking point for a one day cruise to the Bahamas which is really good value and the experience of a lifetime...

And of course she mentioned twice, yes twice, that the hotel was so fantastic that CONTINENTAL breakfast is included in the price of £800 for 10 days, yes, CONTINENTAL breakfast!

I was feeling really pleased for her as she said she couldn't believe how lucky she was going to her dream destination, Florida, and that she was sure she'll have an even better time than the last time she went there a couple of years ago!

I was feeling even more pleased for her as she shouted that she couldn't believe how excited she was about this year as it is Kirsty's birthday next week, then next month it's Vicki's birthday, then she's going to India, then it's another friend's birthday, then it's another friend's birthday, then it's June and Florida for the holiday of a lifetime! She said that without all these wonderful things to look forward to she really thought she would be depressed.

The train stopped at Charing Cross and she got off. A blind woman in a wheelchair and her guide dog were waiting patiently by the door. A kind man asked her if he could get her some help to get off.

"Yes please," she said. "Thank you. I wanted to get off at London Bridge but they put me on the wrong train."

Our train doesn't stop at London Bridge.


  1. A Wheelchair AND a guide dog on a commuter train for a blind person will now give me nightmares.

    And I haven't even got a continental breakfast to look forward to.

  2. The continental breakfast is especially for the Brits who expect it when they go abroad.

  3. I thought a continental breakfast was when you choke on your own vomit in a Paris hotel room. But that was the Jim Morrison Breakfast.

  4. But which continent? I fancy an Antarctic breakfast. Scrambled penguin eggs. Yummers.

  5. It won't be a holiday of a lifetime unless she has breakfast grits with Land-O-Lakes butter product and melted Monterey Jack Cheese approximation.

  6. You just gotta be called Kirsty or Kylie or Kellie or Vicki to know what impending depression really is.

  7. I trust that you stalked her for 3 days to find out what happened next.

  8. Bob - So he didn't choke on a bit of dry bread and a slice of processed cheese?

    Tim - There are more interesting culinary continents than Europe.

    Arabella - That would set her up for the watersports.

    Kaz - You've got to keep busy. Don't sit and think for one minute.

    Vicus - I'm booked on the same flight to Florida.

  9. and to think some of these people have a birthday each and every year. There's always something to be excited about.

  10. I get exited when I have a trip to Charing X.

  11. Ziggi - Birthdays are great, aren't they?

    Scarlet - Ooh, Charing Cross makes me so excited!

  12. Sounds like the blind lady leads a far more exciting and adventurous life.

    Though would probably trade it with the excitement-incontinent airhead on her blower.

    Actually sounds like she's on drugs to me.

  13. She was talking to a friend on the train with her the other day. She talks very quickly and very loudly.