Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Future Fairer For All

The latest YouCunt poll results are as follows:-

50% of the UK electorate would like a fairer society
30% of the UK electorate would like a less fair society
20% of the UK electorate haven't got a fucking clue what they want

Of course in the current first-past-the-post system, elections are decided by the people who haven't got a fucking clue. But this time, with the very real possibility of a hung parliament, the 50% of the electorate who would like a fairer society may get one. If the Lib Dems get to hold the balance of power, proportional representation could well be on the cards and the Tory Scum will never form a government on their own again. (Well, that's the theory).

If you want a hung parliament, to help you choose, this site looks just the ticket.

Looks like I'll be voting Lib Dem as a tactical vote for only the second time. Last time I voted for them the bastard came third.


  1. British politics are not my bailiwick.

    Let me know how it all turns out for you.

  2. I'm going SNP. Living in a country where I never have to worry about a Tory government again appeals.

  3. MJ - The locals are hardly middle class so I feel a bit isolated when voting here.

    Malc - Surely they won't get in this time.

  4. You're in a dodgy location for voting!
    I wish you luck.

  5. Thank you, we'll need it!

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  7. I too will be voting for the Lib Dems.

    If I ever get my polling card through.

    If I don't, I may hang around a polling booth and do some casual asking about preferences and then some militant throwing of pies. This may sway the balance.

  8. I'm throwing some pie charts.

  9. I'm throwing up- it's that scary.

  10. The closer it gets to the day the less confident I'm getting. Bloody working class Tories.

  11. I had a 'civilised' argument with a 27 yr old the other day who thought Thatcher was great. That is the legacy. Fucking horrific.

  12. I suppose when you see your parents' wealth grow at the expense of others a lot less well off it must give you a warm glow.