Monday, April 05, 2010

Herr Wallander

I bought three Wallander books the other week. I haven't started reading them yet but I'm looking forward to the descriptions of the surly detective's hair.

Kurt just can't seem to decide what to do with it.

Does he have it au naturel?

Or does he try to look younger by using the cheap option, Just For Men?

Or does he indeed splash the cash and get it done professionally at Benny & Bjorn?

If this is what the male menopause is like, I'm not looking forward to the next fifteen years.


  1. Apparently Henning Mankel modified the description of Wallander in the later books to match the actor in the TV series.

    Or am I thinking of Colin Dexter and Inspector Morse?

  2. I should imagine that if you read all 3 books you'll need to stay away from that 3rd rail at platforms.

  3. The lasting image of Wallander from the books is, I think, slovenly car coat. And the lamp post outside his kitchen window.
    Then,if you're still doing 'Scandinavia', read Karin Fossum - the best writer of the lot.

    Lady menopause is all about a hair-do too. We make the rest up.

  4. I read a few. They are depressing. I've sold a couple of them on. I particularly hated The White Lioness, which is twice as long as the others and half as good.

  5. Billy - Lucky he didn't model him on Branagh. He would have had to have taken 15 years off him.

    Rog - I'm going over to my dark side.

    Arabella - Thank you. I think I'll be doing Scandinavia for some time. I might have guessed about the lady menopause. Anything for a bit of attention.

    MJ - A gentleman takes his hat off in the presence of a lady.

    Bob - The Fifth Woman is my longest one. So the books don't have the black humour of the tv series? You know the black humour...the time when, er, er...