Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Week in North Yorkshire

As you can see, we were lucky with the weather. It could have been a week indoors watching the unimaginably awful Frost/Nixon and other DVD delights. We took the Green route to Scarborough by train, tube, train and train. I wouldn't recommend going by tube from Charing Cross to King's Cross with two extremely large bags. But enough about my aunts!

Filey Brigg

Scarborough Links

Scarborough North Beach, Lovely Colours!

Scarborough South Beach, Best from a Distance

Whitby, Goth Heaven

Whitby's Blues Singer, Muddy Boots, Welcome Here!

Moo Moos

Chuff Chuff!


  1. Hooray! You were bound to get lucky with the weather eventuually Geoff.

    Whitby seems to have transformed itself over the last 30 years from quaint little seaside town to Margate.

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  3. I misread that as Filthy Brigg.

    No wonder Google doesn't like me.

  4. Did you like it? There's a first.

  5. Moo-moos, choo-choos and zoo-zooms (That's the Whitby jet)! I hope your aunts appreciated the trouble you went to for them.

  6. Rog - Whitby is good to look at but the thousands of visitors keep getting in the way slobbering over their Magpie Cafe Fish 'n' Chips.

    MJ - Filey is not at all filthy. It is very well-kept and suitable for strolling in a very pure Victorian manner.

    Vicus - It was that warm Yorkshire welcome. I felt at home.

    Christopher - We bounced them down the stairs at King's Cross for a bit of excitement.

  7. I never expected to see a chuff on this blog..

  8. Is that a holiday destination then?

  9. There are so many nice places to visit in UK. Now you've made me want to go on holiday too!

  10. Scarlet - A pair of chuffs, no less!

    Zig - They flock there from Liverpool on the Trans-Pennine Express.

    Tom - But you've got to be lucky with the weather. If you're anything like me...

  11. Next year go west! a tad, and you can have Bronte biscuits and Bronte burgers. It'll be worth the detour.

  12. We did see the Bronte grave which was pretty much like all the others in the graveyard.