Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sorry, I Can't Do Any Better At The Moment

Now Cheryl is going back to calling herself Tweedy and completely disassociating herself from "the best left back in the world", we can but dream that she falls in love with a mid-life crisis "grumpy" comedian, that Jade Goody is brought back to life and back in the arms of her greatest love and that they all go out in a foursome.

Tweedy, Dee and Tweed and Dumb.


  1. A case of the WAG tailing the dog if I'm not mistaken.

  2. Are you and Rog having some sort of relationship? I could have sworn that this was his work.

  3. Oh! WHY don't I know who these people are?

  4. Be happy, Christopher. I think you can extrapolate that they're Not Your Type.

  5. Rog - We could have done with the WAGS today helping our boys play as a team.

    Vicus - Mine are more excruciating.

    Christopher - You've been away too long. Your country needs you!

    Tim - But will The People's Princess go back to beating people up?