Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Is Busy Washing One's Hair

Her Royal Majesty has cancelled this year's Christmas Party for her staff. The party was an annual event until two years ago when she decided to make it biennial.

This year, said an unofficial spokesman, she "couldn't be fucking bothered".

An official spokesman said, "The Queen is acutely aware of the difficult economic circumstances facing the country and, given the current economic climate, it was thought that it was appropriate for the Royal Household to show restraint."

When confronted with the latter, the unofficial spokesman reiterated, "No. The truth is she couldn't be fucking bothered. She's an old woman. Prince Philip is an old man. They've met the great and the good over the years. They see members of the Royal Household every day of the year. They know they're not going to get a conversation as entertaining as the one they had with Michael Bentine in 1995."


  1. "The party was paid for by the queen's private fund..."


  2. 'course she's not going - same night as the Frankie Boyle Christmas Special.

  3. She's never really liked parties since the Great Corgi Bukakke Scandal of Xmas 1979.

  4. Will you record the Frankie Boyle special for me, Vicus?

  5. It's because Norman won't be there. Have some compassion, you brute.

  6. She's still doing trick or treat for halloween though, isn't she?

  7. Ah well, so long as they still have the Great Easter Egg Hunt and
    St Alan Sugar day to celebrate.

  8. Annie - I'm sure she'll give the money to charity.

    Vicus - She loved *that* joke.

    Tim - The corgis loved it, though.

    MJ - I actually haven't seen Frankie Boyle for quite a time. Probably ever since *that* joke.

    Arabella - She must be grieving. Norman was *the one*.

    Scarlet - She wouldn't miss Halloween, wearing her Jeanette Charles mask.

    Laura - Their calendar is filled with goodies.

  9. It’s The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition over at Donn’s blog!

  10. I would hate to win that.