Sunday, October 24, 2010

Perfect 10

The young woman giving out leaflets for Gym Box (remember them and their Chav Fighting classes?) has a jacket adorned with the words "Get the body your partner always dreams of."

So I pluck up the courage to ask her...

"What's the body your partner always dreams of?"

"James? He dreams of a body that's dismembered, caked in dried blood, bruised black and blue, oozing with pus, crawling with maggots and smelling to high heaven. But that's James and he has a vivid imagination which doesn't switch off when he goes to sleep."


  1. So James must be a field hospital orderly? It's a terrible thing when your work follows you home like this.

  2. Chav Fighting classes? Eh?

    Do go on.

  3. Sorry I think you've forgotten the First Rule of Chavez fighting classes...

  4. Christopher - He was an orderly but he tends to push in nowadays.

    MJ - The chavs spoilt it by bringing their dogs.

    Rog - Hugo's first?