Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Whiskey in the Jar

It was my stepdad's 75th birthday last week. He was in hospital for some time earlier in the year and it was good to see him tucking into his Sunday roast. And his prawn cocktail. And his pudding. And half my mum's pudding.

My mum has a friend who has also been ill recently. But for her, living it up is not on the menu. Her doctor's told her in no uncertain terms that she must give up alcohol. Altogether.

Her favourite tipple is whiskey. It just so happened that her giving up drinking coincided with my stepdad's 75th birthday. What special gift would she give him to celebrate this landmark, considering he has driven her and her husband here there and everywhere for the past 15 years?

Three quarters of a bottle of whiskey.

He is a brandy drinker.


  1. Well a happy birthday to the 'Aged P'.
    Hope he finds his favorite tipple behind the clock on the mantelpiece. There's an art to the solitary drink:

  2. ...So how's he viewing it?

    I mean, is his bottle 1/4 empty or 3/4 full???



    p.s. Sorry about Saturday....

  3. Great article, Arabella.

    I often drink alone and never think anything of it until someone mentions that it's odd or dangerous.

  4. Off topic, but the writer of the solitary boozing article is Robert Lloyd, who was born in Cannock. All of the wonderful people of the world were born in Cannock. This is a scientifically proven fact.

  5. Lloyd to LA gig photographer: "Don't EVER take a picture of me holding a Bud Light again." Just to back-up that scientifically proven fact. Not that it's needed of course.

  6. Good news and bad news.
    It's awful to even contemplate eschewing the simple pleasures in life, especially in your golden years.


  7. Arabella - Excellent article. The idea of drinking alone for the afternoon is very tempting round about 1 p.m. Monday - Friday.

    Bob - He's quite an optimist. Unlike me about this season. You should have won by more.

    MJ - But you're never alone with a Strand! I'd rather drink alone than with some people I do drink with.

    Betty - Not forgetting Tony Rogers and Paul Cooper.

    Arabella - American Bud is not very tasty, is it?

    Donn - I don't know how I'd spend my dotage without a can of Mackeson's of an evening.

  8. A pint in an empty pub at 3.20 in the afternoon - bloody perfect.

    Has anyone here got any Irish in them. . . etc?

  9. Sounds good to me. The first bit, anyway.