Sunday, February 06, 2011

Designer Cake

That's it. I've definitely had it with football. I cancelled my Sky Sports subscription last week but I had to give a month's notice. Today's match was so fucking awful I would rather have been watching the Superbowl cheering on the New York Dolls or whoever's playing this year.

Anyway, my latest video is here. I'm not going to stop doing them just because you don't like them, you know!


  1. I want a pencilled on tie like Eric's

  2. Oooooooo, she's not happy!

  3. Why don't you decide the sort of football match you want, pick your own fantasy team, Cristiano Ronaldo crucified on the crossbar etc, and then make a video of it?

    And get Andy Gray to commentate.

    With a girl's voice.

  4. Thank you, Geoff. Good stuff. Most intriguing is the selection of cake vids. that comes up alongside. If it's a question of giving up cake or football, I think you've made the right choice.

  5. The porntache is back!

    Did someone mention cake?

    Betty is short for Elizabeth. I'm still looking for clues, you know.

  6. Rog - It's the ultimate in middle aged cool.

    Arabella - He's pushed her too far this time.

    Tim - And Avram Grant could drive the team to the match in a hearse.

    Christopher - Even eating Victoria sponge is preferable to watching my team.

    MJ - He can't be me, he can write more than a page. And I would never, ever have a moustache.