Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who Am I?

True Grit is an excellent film. I can't remember the John Wayne version and I've never read the book but it's just the sort of film that young teenagers should love rather than all that Harry Potter and Twilight nonsense but they won't of course because they've been brainwashed by the media.

We only go to the cinema once a year or so now. So it's good to see the trailers for forthcoming films.

A constant theme in these films seems to be identity. Something changes in the male protagonist's brain and he can't remember who he is or he can remember who he is but can't remember what happened to him or his identity has been stolen by another man or he has become another man with only his name remaining.

You can see his moronic face looking into space and hear his moronic brain whispering "Who am I?" to itself.

If only his mum hadn't forgotten to wash his PE kit with his name sewn into it.


  1. I can't believe anyone stealing anything from Liam Neeson (take it a trailer was for 'Unknown'?)
    Looks like the new Ewan McGregor film unfortunately has Ewan McGregor in it BUT there is a cute dog and Christopher Plummer to add a bit of style.
    I keep trying to think of the best thing in the new True Grit and can't. I think it is everything.

  2. It's a good job I have a blog or I wouldn't have a clue who I am.

  3. Arabella - One of them was the Neeson nonsense. Every one of the films they previewed looks shit, especially the one with Daniel Craig - Cowboys & Aliens. The bear arriving on the horse was a grand entrance.

    Scarlet - Unless you've got an online presence these days you are nobody.

    Vicus - I used to know but since I bungee jumped off the Empire State Building and rebounded into space I'm not so sure.

  4. At least one of those films ought to be The Henry Kelly Story.

    I wonder whether, during the recording of Going For Gold, any contestant was devilish enough to interrupt HK’s framing question with “You’re Henry Kelly, you daft cunt.”

  5. The Henry Kelly Story is the story of a man who forgets he was earning money which he needed to pay tax on. Going for Gold should really have been broadcast in Esperanto.

  6. I just watched the original and thought it would be insane to re-do it...but, until the very last Baby Boomer dies, Hollywood will recycle every movie and TV show that ever existed. I don't know why?
    Anyway I'm sure that the new one is good, I always enjoy the Coens and it's a dialogue piece not a shoot-em-up like the Wild Bunch..which will prolly get remade by Christmas because now Hollowood will greenlight Westerns for a while.

  7. The only fault I'd give it is that Jeff Bridges can be incomprehensible at times. But that's a modern phenomenon, too. Subtitles for the British, please.