Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here Comes The Summer

Now I've got some time at home, thinking what I want from a holiday, a nice walk by the sea and, er, whatever else people do on holidays, so I go to the travel agents and say I want to go somewhere where you can have a nice walk by the sea, thinking somewhere with a long prom like Brighton. She says she likes Puerto Pollensa in Majorca, yes it's very nice there, or maybe Benalmadena on the Costa Del Sol from where you can walk by the sea all the way to Torremolinos if you so wish and I'm thinking do I really want to walk by the sea seven days in a row and I'm thinking, no, I don't really.

And I've seen my fill of cathedrals and ruins and mounds and ancient drawings and mosaics and fuck me, do I really want to go to a monastery at my time of life and I don't really want to taste alcohol I want to guzzle it down with gusto.

But I do want to walk by the sea and I will, on a nice day, get the train to Brighton and walk along the prom to Hove, turn around and walk back again and get the train back home in time to have something nice to eat and to guzzle down some alcohol and watch the bleeding telly cos that's what I like to do, OK?


  1. Will you be rocking the rolled-up-trousers-and-hankie-on-the-head look?

  2. My brother walked the entire South Downs Way last year in 2 day weekend sections with rail connections back to London. Mind you, he's bonkers.

  3. Yes, but Brighton has a stoney beach... wouldn't you prefer to feel the sand beneath your feet and the crabs nibbling your toes?

  4. Day trips are the way to go.

    Just far enough to make you feel like you're getting away from it all but close enough to sleep in your own bed.

  5. Tim - I've been practising in the garden!

    Rog - Long distances must run in your family!

    Scarlet - Do crabs eat dead skin like those Japanese fish?

    MJ - We're off to Oxford tomorrow (my first time). Dreaming spires and nightmare trains.

  6. Here in the colonies it is officially Victoria Day and we celebrate the 160 year reign of Victoria with aplomb.

    Thus begins the social Summer calendar and we hewers of wood are finally free to parade out-of-doors in virginal Victorian white.

    Hip Hip Hoorah!

  7. You'd have thought she would've been lifted off the throne by now.

  8. I LOVE Brighton and with a bit of luck might be living there soon when I can walk by the sea 365 days a year and still not get bored.

    Who needs abroad?

  9. Watch out for the rollerbladers!