Sunday, May 15, 2011

Climbing Up on Hampton Hill

I have been feeling a little heavy recently, too much comfort eating, possibly comfort drinking, too.

So I was at my mum's last Sunday and I mentioned this to her.

"There's some scales in the bathroom, underneath the thing. You're better off bringing them downstairs and putting them on a hard surface. The kitchen's best."

So I went to the bathroom and got the scales from under the thing, took them into the kitchen and stepped on them. Thirteen stone!

"I'm a couple of stone overweight, too," said my mum.

So I've cut out a lot of wheat. Two slices of bread a day in my lunchtime sandwich. Then I started on the Ryvita. Ryvita, Ryvita, Ryvita. I mentioned my new health kick on Twitter. Beverley replied to me. Bev's alright...

@RyvitaCrunch Beverley at Ryvita @geoffwetblanket have you had a look at our website? Might help inspire you x :-)

I suppose if I were a musician or an artist, inspiration would be easy to find. But being a dieter, looking at pictures of cardboard with white stuff on them doesn't get my creative juices flowing.

A week into my diet and I'm off the Ryvita and into Oatibix. The view from the top of Hampton Hill is superb.


  1. I haven't the courage to click on the Wholesome Fun link.

  2. Ryvita always ends for me with £200 dentist bills. I wonder if Bev will offer to help out...,

  3. I'm off to Google "stone."

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  5. Arabella - You're missing out big time.

    Rog - Bev will moisten them in her mouth first if you ask nicely.

    MJ - It's a whole lotta pounds.

  6. Can I interest you in a Wii-Fit? It would save walking up the Hampton.

  7. I get out of puff by the time I get to the top of the Hampton nowadays.