Monday, March 26, 2012

Tweet Revenge

Beautiful, brainy Louise Mensch got a bee in her bonnet yesterday about a Labour councillor's tweet expressing disappointment that Margaret Thatcher hadn't died. Read all about it here in the article Lovely Louise linked to.

When Thatcher eventually pops her clogs I, for one, won't be celebrating. She will be at peace and peace is the last thing I'd wish on her. I want her to suffer invisibly in an NHS hospital corridor, without a bed to go to, watching the nurses and doctors scurrying past, oblivious to her lonely plight.

No, something to celebrate would be the abortion of all potential Tory MPs. Stop the fuckers before they have a chance to breathe their privileged air. But life is sacred to me and once they're born all you can hope is that one day they will suffer as they've made others suffer.

The furore got me thinking of Elvis Costello's Tramp the Dirt Down, which looks to a time when Elvis can "savour" tramping the dirt down on Thatcher's grave, tramping like Joe Strummer does in the video to Rock The Casbah.

I remember feeling very moved by this song at the end of the 80s and a tingle of righteous anger tickled my spine when I saw Elvis perform it live. We were such an angry, ticklish audience.

Of course it would never happen. You couldn't get anywhere near the grave. You couldn't get back at her and even if you were to sneak in the Grantham graveyard one night, pissed as a fart and whoop and holler at the top of your voice, stamping to a rock soundtrack, get arrested by the vicar and transported to a cell, would you really feel any better? Would any of her victims have been avenged?


  1. Oh dear, someone is jealous that he hasn't been invited round to David's for dinner, isn't he?

    I take your point, but the idea that I will be fit enough to do some grave dancing is the only impetus that I have for maintaining some level of good health.

  2. Arabella4:49 PM

    My best singing, dancing and quaffing will speed her descent in the smouldering elevator. So you bet I'll be celebrating. Costello won't be providing the party tunes though.

  3. Vicus - Dave's invited me for sandwiches and beer. I'm bringing my signed picture of Scargill.

    Arabella - It's impossible to dance to Costello.

  4. I am afraid that certain people have wreaked such damage and misery on others that the normal respects upon their passing aren't deserved. My friends and I have already planned a huge pissup, and we are going to have a little party for the local children, where we give them free milk.

  5. I don't want to be a wallflower so I'll be popping 'round for a dance.

  6. Looby - If we did that round here we'd get beaten up.

    MJ - It's got to be danceable.

  7. I was at a Costello gig where someone tried to pogo to 'A Good Year For The Roses'.

  8. I saw a fight break out at one of his gigs. My memory says it was during Peace Love & Understanding but my memory's not to be trusted.