Thursday, March 15, 2012

With a Rebel Yell

Here we have a well-meaning article about a supposed protest song. You can watch the video if you like and drink in the angry words. Ooh, he's so angry.

The problem with Plan B is his voice. His is not the voice of the shat-on. His upbringing is comfortable, from Simon Reynolds' liminal class, a lower-middle class/upper-working class classification which has been created to give writers something to write about. It doesn't exist. And it certainly isn't where the so-called "chavs" are. The upper working class look down on the "chavs". The lower middle class try to teach them to give them a chance to make something of themselves, become respected members of society like the upper working class bigots who look down on them.

Plan B isn't going to change anything. He's just going to make loads more money from those poor saps who loved The Prodigy when Keith found his Spitting Image punk voice.


  1. But your background and your class doesn't affect your ability to write a protest song does it?

    Although having said that, I can't stand Bob Dylan for precisely those reasons.

  2. I can't think of his whining mocknee incantations as "signing".
    At least Dylan's protest songs such as "The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll" were intelligent and went some way to change the prevailing culture.
    I forgave Dylan for whining.

  3. Arabella6:39 PM

    The liminal class? Not in any NME I got my fingers inked reading.
    Talking of real paper, please produce a fanzine with drawings. I'd subscribe.

  4. Looby - You can't be a spokesperson if you're not one of the people.

    Rog - But Dylan is a genius. Plan B can't write, can't sing and can't rap.

    Arabella - Most people describe themselves as working class. I would think only a very few lost souls would describe themselves as "liminal". I'd need a printer and a scanner to produce a fanzine and there ain't room. That's my excuse, anyway.

  5. ...And Betty would have to do the drawings and half of the writing. Thank you for your interest, Arabella. It's a nice idea.