Wednesday, August 08, 2012

So Proud, So Very, Very Proud


I don't want to piss on anybody's chips but...

Let's have a look at the amounts of funding from UK Sport for the 2012 Olympics.

Surprise surprise rowing gets the most money followed by surprise surprise cycling.

Both events need expensive equipment, £20,000 per boat, £20,000 per bike.

Neither rowing nor cycling are mass participant sports. You can imagine the schools that have rowing clubs! And you can imagine the kids whose parents can't afford to buy them a decent racing bike let alone the kids having the space to ride in safety.

How many non-white athletes have Great Britain in these sports? Surely there would be one or two with the body for rowing, the body for cycling?

The next time somebody says "if only footballers were like our great Olympians," you know where to tell them to stick their words.


  1. Dame Shanaze, surely soon.

  2. Is punting an Olympic sport?

  3. Dead right Geoff, although I'd rather have a pint with Bradley Wiggins than John Terry any day.

  4. He is a big fan of Ocean Colour Scene, though.