Thursday, October 11, 2012

How Do I Do This Again?

I'm sure you're all very interested in how I'm doing, so here's a little round robin.

I'm currently working in London two days a week and three days at home. I bought myself a manager's chair for the kitchen. I sit on it and have a panoramic view of the garden and its lone pigeon. But I'm too busy to manage or watch our feathered friend.

I work on my little netbook. It has everything on it. Windows 7 Starter. Microsoft Office For Cheapskates. The hateful Skype.

I listen to the music I have transferred to my iPod. Which is preferable to the music in the office. Other people's music taste has been the bane of my life. You think you're beginning to bond then they put on Green Day.

In my spare time I walk the streets for half an hour, I read and perform Twitter, I read books on my Kindle. Now and again I catch up on the blogs, I always follow links from Twitter to newspaper comment-style articles which could be reduced to a couple of sentences.

As could this round robin. Life is not necessarily better when you're working. But for me, now, after the past few years, it is.

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  1. ...and I sometimes sneak a view of you performing on Twitter.
    Still amused at what you created on. Facebook!

  2. "Perform" Twitter. Yes, I like that. Well chosen.

  3. Scarlet - I am very embarrassed about my Facebook comeback. I'm going to stay away for good.

    Tim - It's all showing off.

    Vicus - I'm keeping calm!

    MJ - I made a right fool of myself!