Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The New Funny Feminists

"Offbeat Empire LLC is a niche lifestyle media network and publisher of awesome, edgy women’s websites covering weddings, parenting, and home decor. Our sites reach hundreds of thousands of women every month, cheerleading readers through the challenging transitions in their lives."

Don't you love the word "edgy"? Now imagine an edgy wedding, the bride with dyed red bed hair, perhaps. "Rocking" some Doctor Martens. "Rocking" some armpit hair. The Cure's Friday I'm in Love accompanying her walk up the aisle. She's knowing she's a new feminist, banishing the depressing days of women dressing just to please men, all started by the evil Spice Girls, though "Wannabe was a great tune".

The bride has discovered feminism by reading Caitlin Moran's How to be a Woman. It really opened her eyes and she hasn't looked back. Confident, thrusting, this bride knows what she wants out of life and she's going to get it! And there's her sexy young indie husband-to-be, on the starting blocks for a lifetime of love, laughs, alcohol, beautiful babies and edgy furnishings.

This article from the aforementioned website has today been applauded on Twitter by Caitlin, Grace Dent and India Knight. The new breed of "funny" feminists, the funniest women writers since French and Saunders. They've been bullied on Twitter by these liberals who are on the right political side but are so bitter about the celebrities' success that they cannot but help themselves pick up on the smallest misunderstood tweet and get on their high horse about it. These little people are not interested in discourse, just in shouting down the successful.

Of course "progressive activists" such as the new "funny" feminists should be supported by all us liberals "in their very important work for social justice" whether it be in The Times or The Independent.

Laughter is the best medicine for society's ills and anybody who doesn't find these writers funny is holding back the struggle.


  1. I had red hair and doc martens in 1976 ahead of my time or what?! I have no idea who those pretenders are or what an indie husband is - should I worry?

  2. Colour me confused but I don't know what an indie husband is either.

    However, I believe KAZ may have had docs ahead of her time too.

  3. Zig/MJ - An indie husband is a sexy man into indie music. He's a wonderful mover! Docs are fine on the right people. Not on loud-mouthed media types.

  4. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  5. Pssst...Doris (Stately Moans) is back!

  6. Indie music doesn't have "good movers" in it. I don't count swaying with ones feet clamped to the floor and waving your arms while staring at a spot a few inches in front of your feet.

    That's a great article, which puts its finger on the way that the left is as full of self-obsessed intolerant nutters as the right.