Saturday, November 14, 2009

And when they were only half-way up, they were neither up nor down

We're coming up to the time of year when my lovely family enjoy a happy Sunday in the glorious surroundings of a local restaurant. Tomorrow is our local Harvester's turn to experience us in action.

We go to posh places, too though. Remember the time we went here?

Well, I've received a few comments about my cheeky little review since I did it all of three years ago. (My, how the time flies!) Anonymous 1, 2 and 3 aren't really on my wavelength. They mistake my jest for a lack of sophistication. And their defence of a popular local restaurant which doesn't need defending I think illustrates an attitude prevalent amongst those with working class backgrounds who have pissed on their roots and are smugly happy to sneer at those who couldn't give a shit about the social climbing ladder. The ladder is long and the top rungs are off-limits to the likes of the anonymous as they climb as high as they can to breathe the rarest air they can reach. The food on anon's rung is good, of course. But far from the best. The best is as unattainable for them as it is for a single mother on benefits.


Anon 1: "I can tell you would not know a first class meal at a resonable price if it bit you on your Burburry cap covered empty heads. Stick to MacDonalds you cheap, moronic, unappreciative egits.

By the way the V******* Restaurant is a fantastic place to eat, we had our company Christmas do there and found the food, wine, surroundings and staff to be excellent."

Anon 2: " "I travel through work a LOT and eat out at restaurants across the country practically every night, through necessity, to the point it's not a treat anymore.

The V******** Restaurant in B********* had always been my favourite - a place for a special occasion - and when I went back with my girlfriend recently I was concerned that it wouldn't be as good as I'd remembered, having been spoilt over the last year.

I'm pleased to say, it was every bit as good as I remembered, one of the best places I've eaten ANYWHERE, and I'm going back there again tomorrow.

The writer of this article doesn't know what they are talking about and needs to stick to Weatherspoons, where a beer and burger meal is very good value for money if you are feeling a bit tight ;)"

Anon 3: "Stick to ordering a pizza for your trailer geoff! I hear dominos are doing buy one get one free! that should keep the family happy!

wouldnt know a good meal if it came upto ya and twated u between the eyes!"

Nice, eh? The last comment on the post is Betty's. Which sums up our attitude to sneering bastards everywhere.

Betty: "Bleeding hell, anyone would think he had dared to criticise Cipriani or some other top notch joint, judging by the pasting he is getting from people who are so refained and poshe, don't you know, that they can't spell twatted or Burberry.

A shame that isn't still around - your subtle, witty potshots at poor people would have found a welcoming home there."


  1. I'm begging you to visit as many restaurants as possible in Bexleyheath and to write reviews for us.

    Or at least proofread their menus.

  2. Odd that it's a french restaurant.
    They should have had Napoleon perched on Prince Albert. this would make more sense...

  3. I'm a We(a)therspoons fan - but it's not until afterwards that 'I feel a bit tight'.
    I think this proves I am a normal well balanced person.

  4. It looks to me as though the first two "anons" were written by the thin-skinned self-googling proprietors of a Restaurant in Bexelyheath. You wouldn't think they'd have the time, being so busy with works do's.

  5. MJ - The Harvester, The Tex Mex with a gangster theme, Nandos...They're on the list.

    Scarlet - Apparently the pub's dead nowadays. The restaurant may have to find alternative accommodation.

    Kaz - Cheap drink and food. There's nothing wrong with it.

    Rog - I get lots of google searches got the restaurant. I hope I haven't put anybody off.

  6. "And I'm going back there tomorrow"