Monday, November 23, 2009

The Harvester (Slight Reflux)

Mrs Edmonds is cooking Noel's favourite meal, salmon steak with buttered new potatoes and tinned Smedley peas. Noel always orders this meal when he goes to his favourite restaurant, The Harvester.

"Sauce, darling?" Mrs Edmonds calls from the kitchen.

"Sorry, darling?" replies Noel.

"Would you like sauce with your salmon?"

For the first time in his long life, Noel is not sure about something. He dithers. Mrs Edmonds begins to get a little irritated.

"I said would you like sauce? I'll have to make it straight away if you want it."

Noel is confused. He really doesn't know. He really doesn't know whether he wants sauce or not.

"For the last time, darling!"

"Yes, darling?"

"Sauce or not?"

"Sauce or not?" Noel repeats, parrot fashion.



  1. Do they still sell Smedley peas?

  2. Smedleys...must be English.

    I won't touch tinned peas.

  3. Very good Geoff, although your picture invoked slight reflux at this end. I bet he's still got his copy of Electric Ladyland.

  4. Kaz - Their shares are booming thanks to the Harvester contract.

    MJ - Mushy peas are ok. And marrowfat peas. But your tinned garden pea is an acquired taste.

    Rog - Betty tells me that Noel Edmonds actually played some decent music. But he also played Gordon Lightfoot. I have no memory of his musical years.