Saturday, November 07, 2009


"A Conservative government will give every child the kind of education that is currently only available to the well-off".

Does anybody believe this absolute shit coming from the mouth of the Tories' education spokesman and contact lens wearer of the year 2009, Michael Gove? But they're on a roll and can say what they like. No moronic floating voter is going to care what they say, they'll just say "it's time for a change" as if who runs the country is about as important as what they're wearing this autumn.

"I've had this coat for a good three years now. It's time for a change."

For those under the illusion that the New Conservatives don't have any real policies and that they'll be just the same as that New Labour lot, Johann Hari puts them straight in this post.

Of course they won't read it, though. Because "they're all the same".


  1. I was under no illustions, but I read it anyway. As one who may well be affected by a conservative win, I like to try and keep my eye on what is happening policy wise. Sadly the great British Public do not always use their votes wisely, the X factor proves that.

  2. It aint over till the fat lady sings.

    But Brown has been a disaster from the point he declined to hold an election at the end of his first 6 months and has been a dithering headline chaser ever since.

    Pity Vince Cable didn't get the Liberal job as Clegg is another Cameron.

  3. Jude - X Factor voters shouldn't be allowed near a polling booth.

    Roger - I think only Brown himself sees himself as a leader. Jeremy Clarkson put the final nail into his coffin. More people agree with the words of Clarkson than those of Brown. Which makes me want to emigrate.

  4. Thanks Geoff. That was thoroughly cheering.

  5. Hooray! Kids coming out of sink estates and bog-standard comprehensives with the ability to fuck up a coup in Equatorial Guinea!

  6. You probably read John Harris in w/e Guardian.
    He wrote about the alarming statistics when you look at the schools attended by the Tory candidates.
    Jacob Rees-Mogg went to Eton of course but sister Annunziata is refusing to tell us where she went.
    Why is William Hague suddenly looking so attractive?

  7. Vicus - You're welcome. I hope we can all look forward with optimism.

    Tim - Everybody will have connections and nobody will be poor.

    Kaz - Yes, but they're all really shy about their backgrounds. Still, as long as they want to make a difference to the obscenity that is the British education system does it matter where they were educated? I think William Hague is looking so attractive because he always wears a tie.

  8. It would difficult for any incoming government to make a worse job of education that that which we presently have. The 2008/9 figures show that there are more 16 year olds failing to acheive the minimum basic requirement (which is extremely low) in literacy and numeracy than at any time since before WW2. And indeed more is currently spent on so called 'defense' than education. Presently kids are exiting the education system without one - it's truly shameful.

  9. It's a depressing reflection on Britain that there really is a worse option than the current New Labour government. Cameron's job before he became a politician was as an exec with ITV Digital and we all know what a big success that was.

    The thought of those bastards getting back into power fills me with black anger.

  10. Ziggi - More in numbers or a higher percentage of the population? I don't think I'd be bothered to learn to read, write and do sums if I had a future where I didn't have to use those skills. Education in itself means nothing if there's no job at the end of it. And there's going to be a lot more unemployment when the Tories cut public spending which means less incentive for kids to be bothered about school.

    Malc - And we thought Tony Blair was false! This one's unreal.

  11. WOW if EVERY kid is going to get the same sized school - that's going to be SOME building programme!

    Buy shares in building companies now....

  12. Some schools will always have more kudos than others - this will never change. The rot is too deep.

  13. Macy - Welcome. And think of all those ex school playing fields the Tories are going to reclaim for rugger and lacrosse.

    Scarlet - Don't you think Gove can do it? He's not a man to shirk a challenge!

  14. Geoff I have long admired you, I enjoy your blog and think most of the time you make perfect sense. Gove is a knob and his plan is frightening, but please tell me you don't really believe "Education in itself means nothing if there's no job at the end of it."

  15. Really I mean why should kids bother if they've got no future? What's the point in going to school?

  16. The Tories are set to win a majority in Canada *sigh

    Our fundamental flaw is our first-past-the-post winner take all voting system..utter bullsh*t..we have 6 million votes that don't count? Small wonder people feel apathetic and don't vote...I think that only 63% bothered last time.

    I'm really hoping that the Republicans don't set up their Love-Of Money-Theocracy south of the border..that would definitely advance my Australian retirement plans.

  17. First-past-the-post gives the selfish low tax tossers a majority they should never have.