Saturday, October 31, 2009

19th Century Boy

Well, I've tried iTunes U. Couldn't find anything to get me enthusiastic about learning. Just got bored, really. All it did was prove to me I'm not cut out for study. Study is boring to butterfly minds like mine. Since school I've tried a few things but never with any conviction. A Political Economy degree. Boring. The Association of Accounting Technicians course. Extra boring. Michel Thomas's Spanish course. Sleep-inducing. I am destined not to see anything of worth through. I just wanna be entertained.

But what entertains me?

I've bought this ipod and I might as well use it. So I got the audio book version of Simon Schama's A History Of Britain out of the library. Boring. I downloaded Madame Bovary from LibriVox. Boring. Lord Byron's Don Juan. Boring. I'm like a surly kid.

But LibriVox has thousands of titles. And as they are so easy to download I will not give in. I will find literature in the public domain that I like and I will come out the other end smiling. My life is about to become a journey into the past.


  1. In the meantime, I suggest you watch some Looney Tunes.

  2. Looney Tunes are never boring.

    Well, maybe the Porky Pig ones. He's such a hammy actor, too!

  3. I listened to "A Short History of Nearly Everything" once on 27 cassettes. Took weeks.

  4. By Bill Bryson.

  5. OOh yes Geoff - I'm like that.
    After getting my degree (it was required by parents if I valued my life) - I never wanted to study or revise again.
    I'm not a listener (apart from music) or a studier - I'm a grazer.
    (sorry - that was all about ME!)
    But I did enjoy Madame Bovary.

  6. Rog - That slow American drawl eats up the megabytes, too.

    Kaz - Studying and revising have never given me pleasure. I could have studied accountancy which would have made me miserable and become a proper accountant which would have made me rich (but miserable). I'd rather work at a job which requires less mental effort for less money than have to spend my life advising and socialising with business people. I went on the Wikipedia page for Gothic Fiction and almost every novel or short story that I like is on there. So basically I am a one-trick Goth.

  7. I share your boredom with anything I am meant to find interesting.

    Tend to go for the quirky and the different. Like me!

    And actually have written quite a lot of my own literature. Am currently making sure Gyles Brandreth doesn't mind my killing him off in my forthcoming short story 'Why We Had To Kill Gyles Brandreth'

  8. His ghost would continue on The One Show.