Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Drifters, Off To See The World

Andy Williams is the first artist "confirmed" to play next year's Glastonbury.

The luckiest couple in Britain are Mr & Mrs Ormondroyd from Blackburn.

Having come into some money this year, Bert and Hattie bought tickets on the off chance that someone they had heard of would be performing. Let's hope they enjoy the atmosphere and make the Glastonbury Festival a regular destination for years to come.


  1. Blackburn is dangerously near to Chorley. You always pick on the North West for homes of your geriatrics.
    May I suggest Mr & Mrs Arnold Satterthwaite of Norwich.

  2. Have you heard Andy Williams lately? Sounds as if Amy Winehouse is eating his neck from the inside.

  3. Which papers do they read?

  4. That's Edith Bowman and Nick Grimshaw in your picture. Amazing.
    Andy Williams now looks like Perry Como, who dies 8 years ago.

  5. Kaz - But the only old people I see on the telly are on Corrie! Next time I'll go south of Watford.

    Tim - Yes! We saw him on Later. By the time Glastonbury comes round the vibrato in his voice will be enough for a Cockney wake.

    MJ - The Daily Mail! It's compulsory!

    Rog - He's doing the Death Warmed Up Tour with Vera Lynn.

  6. I'm still getting over having to watch the Andy Williams Show in the sixties. Please don't remind me of these things. I'm scarred for life.

  7. Andy Williams. Perry Como. The Osmonds.