Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Digital Age

It's been some time since I gave a shit about the England football team. Apart from puking up at the sight of Terry, Lampard and Gerrard, my international mojo has gone. But Saturday saw a new me. My passion for my own team has gone.

I suppose it had to happen. I'm not a child any more, looking up to my heroes. I'm at least double the age of a large proportion of professional footballers. I'm even older than Billy Bonds was when he hung up his boots for good.

Yes, we lost to Stoke. But I still had the highlights to record on Sky Plus. Highlights? Who was I kidding?

So I phoned Sky. When I first got Sky Sports it was a fiver on top of the Sky Plus subscription of £10. Things have changed over the years.

There's no longer a subscription for Sky Plus. The Sports package costs £18 a month. Eighteen quid! Seven quid a game over the year! Ten lucky wins, ten bore draws and ten depressingly predictable defeats. What have I been doing with my life?

In other news, I have bought an ipod and have started listening to intellectual BBC radio podcasts. The BBC Podcast page has a search function where you type in your interest, "e.g. Moyles". I know he's popular but do people really download his podcasts? Do people actually find the twat funny and engaging? I despair of the youth of today.

I've also downloaded some lectures from itunes U. It's like going to university without having to do any work! I might just start skipping the lectures and go to the virtual student bar and spend my virtual parents' money on virtual beer!


  1. Could this mean you've stopped blowing pretty bubbles in the air?

  2. love the Guardian "Media Talk" podcast, and their Science Weekly and Tech Weekly.

    Passes the time when Oz's stimulating conversation wanes on walks.

  3. Kev watches Everton on a fuzzy 3 inch square which is streamed from some illegal site in Outer Mongolia.
    I suppose it's too late for him now.
    But at least Murdoch doesn't benefit

  4. I bet bloody Murdoch doesn't feel obliged to sit through the ordeal that is Premiership football, week-in, week-out.

  5. MJ - Just in the bath now.

    Rog - Cheers. Just downloaded the Media Talk one. And the Week In Politics to cure my insomnia.

    Kaz - It's fun putting one over on Murdoch, isn't it? Does Kev get snow or horizontal lines?

    Tim - Still, he did stop all that hooliganism. Did someone mention the Carling Cup?