Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ghouls & Boys

Well, I got my hung Parliament and probably the best result I could have expected. A horrible one.

But the promise of a referendum on getting rid of the unfair first-past-the-post voting system will be making a lot of Tories choking on their foie gras. I'm surprised Cameron hasn't been lynched.

Speaking with a Lib Dem activist today, as you do, I was informed that during all the dithering they'd been contacted by angry people saying either "I didn't vote Lib Dem to get a Conservative government" or "I didn't vote Lib Dem to get a Labour government." Don't you just hate manic optimists?

So a step towards a fair voting system? That's what I wanted out of this election. Of course PR might produce the same result as we've got now. And there'll be even more people to blame.


  1. Though of course AV is not a proportional system, just one that is slightly better than FPTP. Little steps I suppose...

  2. IDS is damned sexy though, isn't he?

  3. Oh yeah, especially when the Quiet Man 'turns up the volume'. Doesn't his magnetism just give you goose bumps?

  4. Mr VVB - I was looking forward to a fantasy future.

    Vicus/VVB - IDS stands for I'm Damn Sexy and not Irritating Dick Syndrome.

  5. I spoke to a very interesting German chap over the weekend who couldn't understand the outcry over the hung parliament.

    "It's been working just fine in Germany for the last 20 years," he said, "and many other places as well."

  6. We're the strange ones in Europe.