Monday, May 17, 2010

The Heart Ward

My dear fellow,

When I visit your father in hospital, I do not wish to hear about your £2,000 lawnmower, your £8,000 boat, or the "fantastic" wedding reception you went to where the "blinding touch" of egg and bacon sandwiches being served to a plethora of pissed up philistines is the highlight of your life till now.

No, if you've got nothing to say about football or Coronation Street can you kindly keep your mouth zipped shut.


  1. and to add insult to injury, you had to pay car parking fees. . .lol ;-p

  2. You need flesh toned earphones for the iPod geoffrey. Sorted.

  3. I heart egg and bacon sandwiches.

  4. Chazza - It's criminal!

    Rog - I could plug in to hospital radio.

    Scarlet - Better for breakfast than on top of 10 pints of beer, though.

  5. If only these braggarts knew I was thinking 'comedy material' as I listen to them!

    Just as you were no doubt thinking 'top blog material'!

    Then again, what reaction were they hoping to get?

    ;- )

  6. I should have enthused about the sandwiches and we'd be best chums.

  7. No interest in football whatsoever.

    England fan.