Saturday, August 07, 2010

Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag And Stick It Up Your...

Googling only makes Eliza Doolittle depressed. Is she depressed about the state of the world? Conflict, poverty and "natural" disasters, Eliza?

No, it's the nasty people on the internet saying how fucking awful her music is and how she should fuck off back to public school.

Named after a cockney flower girl who provides wank material eye candy for an old man in payment for elocution lessons, Eliza was born into the world of the stage school female "artist" bollocks infecting current pop music. She is the granddaughter of Sylvia Young!

I hear Eliza's latest song every day on the radio at work. It annoys me so much I've gone beyond hate. I'm somewhere much darker.

The other day I blurted my distaste out loud.

"I've never heard this song before," was the reply, even though it had been played every day for five weeks solid.

And then, probably to spite me...

"I love it! It's really lively! It's got a really lively beat! It's so happy!"

What do you think?


  1. I think it is shite. Have heard it a lot in shops and presumed it was Lily Allen or some such.
    So sorry you have to hear this at work. I'd go postal.

  2. It's catchy in a kind of Lily Allen Kate Nash irritating way. And the video is quite good.
    I've just been to BHS for a Roast and a Dump so I'm slightly off the demographic.

  3. My headphones have been on again/off again and today they're not working.


  4. Arabella - I wish shops wouldn't play modern music but just Brian Eno's Music for Shops.

    Rog - The video makes me think Jools is lining her up for Hootenanny.

    MJ - I wish my ears could go off sometimes.

  5. Bloody hell, Geoff, I didn't like it either. That's two things we share (we both like nude pictures of Theresa May), and only 83,724 items upon which we disagree.
    I think we may be soul mates.

  6. A really lively beat? Like tachycardia?

  7. Vicus - One day you'll love Trevor Brookin', too.

    Tim - It's not good for my heart!

  8. She's completely passed me by, but there's a few pop pap tunes that make me switch off the radio when they come on at the moment, so her latest could be any one of them.
    I'm pretty sick of all the Lily Allen wannabes though - why can't they find their own style and originality?

  9. Who first started with that crazy accent?