Monday, August 30, 2010

Gentle Giant

In the pub I overhear a man mention the words "gentle giant".

I hope he's talking about this...

Or maybe this...

But looking at him out of the corner of my eye I know he's talking about this...


  1. What are you doing in the pub when you have lovely goblets at home? And shouldn't you be at the bbq anyway?

  2. The pub was Saturday. Today has been an incredible day. Betty said I'd enjoy it and I certainly have!

  3. Polyphemus was my favourite giant, though he wasn't very gentle.

  4. I like Peter Mayhew, who was Chewbacca. Dave Prowse? Dave Blouse, more like?

  5. At first sight I thought your top pic was one of those trick pictures which turn into a different face if you turn it upside down. Not easy with a screen, in fact I put my back out trying it and am now typing this with one finger.

    Polyphemus was very gentle with his sheep.

  6. Billy - He should have his own show: In The Land Of The Blind Giants.

    Tim - Prowse had an advantage when crossing the road - he could see over buses.

    Christopher - It does look like one of those. It's got a bit of the Michael Eavis about it, too. And he's probably a big fan of Gentle Giant.