Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music and Me

I used to think I was going to be a musician, a writer of songs and a star. No I didn't, I was fooling myself. I haven't picked up that ol' geetar for nigh on 25 years.

But recently, what with all this new technology and whatnot, I have begun to have dreams that maybe there's something there, maybe I've got the music in me. I've downloaded an app for this thing which has three synthesisers, sequencer, etc. The manual's fifty pages long!

Then I think who am I trying to kid? Whenever I hear somebody's music, somebody who blogs or who tweets, I think, yeah, well, you're alright and I'm glad you've got a hobby and all that, but you're a better blogger or tweeter.

It's so easy to expose any old shit on Twitter, not much harder to do any old cock on your blog, but when you say to the world "This is my music" you really are laying yourself open to comparisons with stuff that actually sells. I know I haven't got a hope in Hell of selling any of my music because I just haven't got that star quality, the gift of writing a catchy tune, so I'm sorry but you'll just have to put up with my bollocking words for the next however many years. I'm not going to be the next Mungo Jerry whoever he is, so this is it, this is all you're getting.

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  1. I've always thought there should be a Betty and Geoff after-dinner LP with Geoff at the organ console and Betty on drums with a nice floor-length frock.

  2. Arabella, this makes us sound like an elderly White Stripes.

  3. Arabella - 'Sticks' Utility and Hammond Eggs.

    Betty - Meg & Jack Whitehair.

  4. An accordion for Betty, then?

  5. I'd rather hear your music than watch you do any old cock.

  6. Arabella - Mama's got a squeezebox.

    Tim - You know I have trouble embedding.