Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New App

I've got this new app, you see, which means I can blog from my iPhone. This is the future, man, using the one finger I use to point accusingly at animals.

"Did you do that, you naughty boy? You're going to be in trouble."

I don't know how this is going to turn out or what to touch next - it's either "Done" "" or the little camera symbol. I'm guessing it's "Done". Any ideas what happens if I press the other two?

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  1. Ha ha! I've got the blogger app on my phone but I'm too scared to use it just in case it gives out my name, address, phone number and then publishes all my dodgy pics...

  2. I ballsed up - the second symbol didn't come out. I presume it's to do links.

    I'm a bit scared of accidently taking a photograph of my ugly mug and posting it.

  3. Same as Scarlet... and being functionally blind would mean me having to squint at the wee tiny screen,
    In public
    Not a good look.

  4. Ooh, I don't do it in public. Strictly behind closed doors.