Monday, August 15, 2011

Dave's Wake-Up Call

Cameron this morning:-

"Do we have the determination to confront the slow-motion moral collapse(1) that has taken place in parts of our country(2) these past few generations(3)?

Irresponsibility, selfishness, behaving as if your choices have no consequences, children without fathers, schools without discipline, reward without effort, crime without punishment, rights without responsibilities, communities without control.(4)"

1. Sorry, Dave. Can't visualise a moral collapse. Unless it's like this.

2. Oh, the poorer areas. I see.

3. The Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron years?

4. These are just in "parts of our country"? Or everywhere? Are you saying we get away with too much? We have money and things we don't deserve? We couldn't give a shit about anybody else? We're looking after number one? We dismiss the idea of society? How on earth could this have happened, Dave? Please, can you explain how?


  1. Apparently that's "one of the most rememberable clips of buster keaton". As distinct from the most forgetted clips of norman wisdom.

  2. I just love being lectured on social responsibility by this slimy twat. It's enough to make you burn down a few shops, innit?

  3. Tim - And the most rememberable clip of Charlie Chaplin? I would say the one where he eats his shoe!

    Vicus - His speeches form a slow motion loop of the same bollocks over and over again.

  4. 3. that's not generationS, barely one, you would have to go back a fair bit further than that for multiple generations, at least to Wilson and Heath (who ever they were)

    that's all I have to say.

    Except to agree with Vik that Cameron is slimey but would use prick rather then twat.

    "hope this helps" ©VS

  5. (is slimy realled spelled without the e from slime? - if it is so then that's as stupid as spelling nosy without the e from nose)

    (as you were boys)

  6. ((really)) and probably ((spelt))

  7. oh fuck a duck, didn't realise this was the esteemed blog of you yourself Geoff, for some reason I thought it was someone not at all esteemed and therefore felt free to witter - had I known it was you I would have read it, nodded wisely, and moved on without despoiling. I can only apologise!

  8. Maybe he's talking about the past century. Generations Y and Z, I would say, though cultural generations are spurious anyway. Cameron probably didn't know what he saying himself because all he was doing was reading a script. Yes, a prick.

  9. You're welcome to say whatever you like, Zig!