Friday, October 14, 2005

Searle's Progress (A Profile of Cartoonist Ronald Searle)

If you'd have asked me last week, these three things I thought would never happen to me:-

1. I never thought I'd like the flipping Bee Gees, but this week I've been luxuriating in their baroque pop.

2. I never thought I'd see a man reading a Tony Parsons novel but this morning, there he was, sitting next to me on the train, bold as brass.

3. I thought I was too old to discover new heroes. No, not Tony Parsons...

Ronald Searle.


  1. My original Ladykillers post featuring Searle's caricatures is probably my favourite thing in all the world outside of the wife and kid. Although it occasionally takes top spot.

    Interesting article here.,4273,4099415,00.html

  2. I thought you were being immodest there for a minute, Wyndham, until I remembered No. 10 in your tagging post. Is it the picture of the 5 heads that's on the dvd?

    Good article - I'll finish it tomorrow when I haven't got to drive 360 miles.

    Betty's just exclaimed it's John Wyndham night on BBC4. We're going to fill up the Sky+ box at this rate.

  3. Geoff, that's meant to read my "original Ladykillers poster" and not post. even I haven't reached that level of towering arrogance. Although it could happen, of course.

    Glad to see you recorded the Wyndham doc on BBC4. He seemed a melancholic man, and the terrible DOTT film they showed afterwards didn't do him any favours.

  4. If only his wife had volunteered to mow the lawn. Bloody blue stocking.

    Impressed enough to get The Midwich Cuckoos out of the library yesterday. Hopefully I'll start reading it before it's due to be returned.

  5. No wonder his wife was always laughing. Mind you, he knocked back those fags.