Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Staying Out For The Summer

Betty said wait, you'll look like a sad middle-aged man.

But I wanted a bit of a break from the mundanity so I've just been to HMV to buy the new Editors album and the debut by the Klaxons. I waited three days after Glastonbury - I'm not one of those sad middle-aged men who are totally influenced by what the youngsters are listening to. Oh no, not me. We were into the Editors at the beginning, don't you know? And the Klaxons - well, actually they were pretty good at Glasto, weren't they? "Hello, we're the Klaxons and we're from London." About time someone decent came from the capital. Not since the Kinks...

"What about the photos?" I hear you cry. Well, here's a small selection. Starting with a view of the beautiful Kynance Cove, as recommended by Murph. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach here, so I hope Murph didn't go all the way down (unlike several naughty canines we saw on our second visit here).

This is our second visit to the cove, on the last dry day of the holiday. That's lonely old me in the surf, contemplating doing a Reggie Perrin. Wouldn't it be wonderful to invent a new life for myself? Trouble is, I don't think I could convincingly wear those teeth.

This is a picture postcard view of Coverack. Aren't the flowers pretty? Coverack is a pretty good starting place for a lovely coastal walk, though not with the dramatic views of Lizard Point itself.

Finally, so you won't get too bored, here's a little barber shop in Penzance in which I didn't fancy getting a close shave. I didn't want to end up in a Geoff Pasty.


  1. You went from High Finance to High Kynance then!

    I was allowed on the beach as we were there before Easter Sunday (when the weather was simply gorgeous!)

    I think all pasties contain mild peril.

  2. 'Last dry day of the holiday'
    Were you pissed for the rest of it?

  3. It hasn't changed much in 14 months though.

  4. Murph - The dogs on Kynance beach didn't seem as happy as the six large black dogs we saw on Coverack beach. I think they instinctively knew they shouldn't have been there. The only difference in the seasons is that they put turquoise dye in the sea for summer visitors.

    Kaz - We were very good and only drank (drunk) after 9 in the evening.

  5. That barber shop... isn't it a bit like naming a hospital after Harold Shipman?

  6. It's the famous Cornish sense of humour. (see Jethro)

  7. When the weather behaves, an English summer is so beautiful. Sigh. I can smell the icecream.

  8. Even with this poor summer, I'd rather be here than Greece. Phew, what a scorcher!