Monday, June 04, 2007

We'll Meet Again

It's only 1.35 p.m. and I've read all my recently updated blogroll. Where are you all? I can't be bothered to read my book so I'll bore you instead.

We're off on holiday this coming Saturday. To Cornwall for two whole weeks. I have never in my life had two consecutive weeks away from home. We are taking some DVDs, several books and my MP3 player to keep us entertained. I think they have Corrie in Cornwall, too. So we won't do our usual trick of recording a week's worth then catching up when we get home.

There is no internet access where we're going. Well, there are probably loads of internet cafes serving cream teas, but we're not going to any of those. It will be good to get a break from blogging. I don't know whether we'll feel refreshed when we get back but I think it'll do us the world of good to get away from it for a while.

Just so we don't miss anything, can I ask you all not to post anything on your blogs from this Friday to, say, Sunday 24th June. There's nothing worse than a massive backlog. I don't think my nerves could take it.

I'm letting you know in advance so you can plan those two weeks. Why not take those two weeks off yourselves? Don't turn on your computers! You don't have to go away. You don't have to stare into space. Read a book, watch the television, like you did in the old days. That's what we'll be doing. Let's make these two weeks an international bloggers' holiday.

If you're stuck at work and your meany boss won't let you have the time off, dedicate those hours you normally spend blogging to interacting with your workmates. Chat about that book you're reading, what you watched on television last night. You'll be surprised just how much in common you'll have with them.


  1. I wish I could!

    ..damn a levels....

    I really enjoy your blog though, thanks for making me smile!

  2. How about if we take a holiday from blogging on our own blogs but leave lots and lots of senseless comments on YOUR blog?

    What fun!

    WV: xpsyxELF

  3. That's a good idea MJ, although I've already been doing it.
    The library in Hellesdon have net access when you get desperate though.
    Make sure you do Kynance Cove ... it's bootiful!
    Have a great time!!!

  4. We're going to Cornwall as well but not until July. I can guarantee not to post anything interesting untill you come back, or ever for that matter.

  5. Oh no.
    You are so selfish Geoff - nary a thought for the rest of us left behind.

    Just off to phone the Samaritans.

  6. OOh how lovely. Fond memories of a great pint in Zennor where there's just a pub and a medieval church. The beer was probably great because I'd just walked for miles up a cliff path from St. Ives....

  7. MJ's suggestion is a good idea. The holiday sounds good though.

  8. Cal - Thank you. Good luck with your A levels. All I remember of mine is vicious hay fever and a throbbing temple due to undiagnosed bad eyesight. Ah, those halcyon school days.

    MJ - You know senseless comments are always welcome here. Trust you to get another Elf.

    Murph - I'm more happy that Hellesden has a 24 hour Tesco. We'll be able to get some local milk after all! Kynance Cove is on our list of places to visit - we'll probably start off there due to your recommendation. Thank you.

    Realdoc - We'll try to leave Cornwall as we found it. That's if we don't get lost.

    Kaz - The Samaritans have got a special bloggers' helpline. It's mainly for bloggers who get shortlisted for but don't win Post Of The Week. They do feel all our pain, though.

    Arabella - It's a long way from the Lizard for a pint and a prayer. It looks like a bloody long walk from St Ives, too. And Betty's just sprained her ankle!

    Billy - You're welcome to join in with the senseless comments. There'll be no room for you in the car, though.

  9. Have a great time both of you. Can you do a review of this week's 7 Ages of Rock as I missed it and was counting on your review to get me up to speed..

  10. Sorry about to hear about Betty's ankle. Admit it, you two were lindy hopping.

  11. I work from home. There are frogs in the garden. Do I talk to them? About what?

    The WV is "elmfu", which is a martial art for trees.

  12. Enjoy the holiday.
    Cream teas. Yes.
    I've always been baffled by a Cornish kebab. They ask you if you want "everything on it", and if you say "yes" they shove aload of coleslaw on it.


  13. Snowed under right now, did manage a couple of posts recently though.

  14. Romo - Thank you. I didn't do a review of this week's 7 Ages of Rock because it wasn't too bad. They had interviews with Lydon, Devoto, Shelley and Richard Hell. The only thing that spoilt it was the inference that if it wasn't for the Ramones, punk would never have happened. You might as well say if it wasn't for The Faces the Sex Pistols wouldn't have formed. Best bit was re. Lydon's I hate Pink Floyd t-shirt. He just happened to have a Pink Floyd t-shirt to deface. I wonder why.

    Arabella - Betty fell off the log I kicked from under her. I should have completed the lessons.

    Tim - The 7 Ages of Croak?

    Istvanski - Thank you. I don't think coleslaw is a traditional Cornish thing. My mum never served me it when I was growing up. Then again she didn't make the traditional pasty with the meat up one end and the fruit up the other. They're having us on, surely.

    Llewtrah - I'll go onto Bloglines in a minute and find I've got a lot of catching up to do. One day quiet, the next madly busy.

  15. One more, Geoff. The Tapas Bar in the Mullion Cove Hotel is fab.
    And there's a chocolate factory on the corner as you drive in there.