Monday, November 05, 2007

Christmas Is Coming

My sister went to church yesterday. They tasted the body and the blood of Christ. I am on the phone to my mother.

She went with a friend from work. She goes every Sunday. Her husband never goes. Your sister will probably go again. Though not every week. It was a very emotional service. I suppose it helps people. Usually when they're getting old. You're not an atheist, are you?

You know I am.

Like your dad. Though he wasn't always one. When we were first married he used to pray every night before he went to bed.

I've always been an atheist. I could never take any of it seriously. We even used to take the mickey out of the vicar at Primary School.

Is Betty an atheist?

Yes. I couldn't live with anybody who wasn't.

You lived with us.

I mean through choice. I couldn't live with a partner who believed in that stuff.


The trouble with Sundays...there's never anything on the telly when I get up. It's either football or cartoons on all the channels. Nothing for the likes of us.

Isn't Sunday God's day?

Don't take the piss, Geoff.


  1. Yes, don't be a smart arse with yer mum.
    "You lived with us" - who has a fine sense of rhythm by the way.

    Moving around so much, I'm between churches at the moment. Don't think I'd like to attend an obviously "emotional" service.
    I used to enjoy going to obscure morning or evening services in the week. Me and about two others. You get to use parts of the prayer book that are still crisp.

  2. Is there Internet access in Hell?

  3. I trust that "Don't take the piss, Geoff" is going to take its place under the blog title.

  4. The Lord said unto John "Come forth, and recieve eternal life." But John came fifth, and won a toaster.

  5. My mum is more an more telling me off for my atheism. I blame it on the ageing process - as people (e.g. my mum) feel their own mortality they start hedging their bets on the deity front.

  6. If you ever change your mind will you say one for me please?

  7. Arabella - I think if I were a churchgoer it would have to be the austere sort of service.

    MJ - Yes and it's mega fast.

    Tim - I can't be watched over like that.

    Istvanski - 7th heaven?

    Llewtrah - I think it's also the dark nights drawing in.

    Kaz - I'll save it till the morning after.

  8. Istvanski reminded me of something my grandad used to say (Black Country accent required):

    "Aymen -
    Straw wimmin'
    Stuffed babbies
    All swimmin'"

  9. Hay was a good source.

    Whenever I'd ask "Ay?" when I didn't hear something properly, my dad would say, "'Ay?' Horses eat it, pigs shit on it."

  10. I am forever stuck at being at being an Agnostic all the way to the Big Bang..

    I cannot take that extra step towards full Atheism because no matter how hard I try, whenever I see a photo of Monica Belluci ((gasp)), I cannot believe that there isn't some sort of supernatural creative force in the universe.
    The proof is in the puddin'.

  11. HE - thing is, I don't know if Geoff drools over pictures of Monica Belluci in his spare time, but when he wakes up he has to see me first thing in the morning, which is enough to put any man off the idea of there being a God.

  12. That's not true of course.

    It's too dark in the mornings.

    Only joking - Betty is God's most beautiful creation.

  13. Ha!

    I like the sound of your Mum.

  14. She doesn't suffer fools gladly.

  15. "When we were first married he used to pray every night before he went to bed."

    Now then. This either says something amazing or something not-amazing about your dear mother and I FOR ONE am not about to cast nasturshams. But you have chosen to put this quote out to the world...

  16. He was an innocent God-fearing young man and would only pray for pure things.

    I think.